Hi, I’m Craig Bailey and this is my personal blog where I write about technology, business systems, HubSpot and general life experiences. You can read my posts here.

(If you are looking for the Content is King post by Bill Gates it is here)

I’m involved with three agencies in Sydney:

  • The first is XEN Systems. We help government departments and mid-large B2B technology companies with their sales and marketing strategy, including implementation and training in HubSpot 
  • The second is XEN Create. We provide premium graphic design services to companies, with a focus on using the latest AI tools, including Midjourney
  • The third is XEN Solar, where we help high quality solar companies (dealers, installers) with their sales and marketing processes.

I also co-host HubShots, the podcast and YouTube show focussed on getting the most out of HubSpot. We are the creators of the HubShots Framework.

Craig Bailey presenting

Latest stories

YouTube views going down


I use a Chrome extension (called YouTube digest) for summarising YouTube videos so I don’t have to watch them. It saves me me hours. But here’s the thing: assume most other people are either already doing the same, or will be soon (or using Bard or other tools). They are essentially taste testing to decide if they’ll consume (some of) the full meal… Which is one of the reasons...

LinkedIn Snapshot


Two types of post on LinkedIn that I don’t think will age well. The hubris of these types of posts: Imagine thinking having a tall building marked a ‘new beginning’… But note how many likes and comments it got – obviously I’m not one to listen to for insights on what’s popular… The virtue signalling of these types of posts: (To be clear, I have no...

Planting the seed


If you’ve ever suggested something to someone, only to have them excitedly announce that same thing to you a few weeks later, then you know the frustration of ‘planting seeds’. It’s especially annoying when they glowingly tell you about it being suggested to them by someone else… This is the difference between ‘planting seeds’ versus ‘watering...

Glamorous lives


I caught up with old workmates at a company ‘reunion’ a few weeks back. Some of them I hadn’t seen since 2007 (that’s 16 years ago as I write this). I was struck by a few things: many conversations picked up easily again, as if it were just days, not decades, since we last spoke so many things haven’t changed – we’re all the same old people we used to be...

Robodebt justice begins


The findings from the Robodebt royal commission have been accepted by the Government, and 16 public servants are now being investigated. Thus begins the start of justice, in this shameful scheme. As a reminder, the Robodebt scheme unlawfully – and in many cases erroneously – sent more than 160,000 debt notices to people on welfare and social services. The scheme resulted in suicides...

HubSpot versus Salesforce


In this post: HubSpot partners making bold claims about HubSpot versus Salesforce Business sophistication (not size) is the key Salesforce clarity HubSpot’s direction A reasonable response Footnotes (including HubSpot gaps) Bold claims I’ve been a little puzzled by some of the posts I’ve seen on LinkedIn, over the last year or so, by HubSpot Partners making comparisons between...

Misleading statistics


Just received a newsletter from someone I follow (and admire). The subject line was: Improving my sales conversion by 39.7% Like the sucker I am, I dived in, keen for the learnings… Here’s what the results were based on: 301 page views, across two variations (yes, that’s just 150 page views on each) One had 6 conversions The other had 8 conversions That’s it! This is such...

True colours


Spend decades being a good person: “Not sure about that person…” Drink too much at the staff Christmas party and say some dumb things (could be racist or sexist or political or religious etc): “Now we see their true colours!” As the saying goes: Reputations take a lifetime to build and an instant to lose. On one hand: We all say dumb things at times On the other:...

So what?


Chatting with Mal last week and he reminded me of the ‘So What?’ test – a good habit to implement when preparing a presentation, article, meeting agenda, proposal, etc. Essentially, just ask yourself ‘So What?’ when you’ve prepared the slide, or paragraph or bullet point. Does it add value to the conversation? If not, why is it there? (Not a new concept, and...