Hi, I’m Craig Bailey and this is my personal blog where I write about technology, business systems, HubSpot and general life experiences. You can read my posts here.

(If you are looking for the Content is King post by Bill Gates it is here)

I’m involved with three agencies in Sydney:

  • The first is XEN Systems. We help government departments and mid-large B2B technology companies with their sales and marketing strategy, including implementation and training in HubSpot 
  • The second is XEN Create. We provide premium graphic design services to companies, with a focus on using the latest AI tools, including Midjourney
  • The third is XEN Solar, where we help high quality solar companies (dealers, installers) with their sales and marketing processes.

I also co-host HubShots, the podcast and YouTube show focussed on getting the most out of HubSpot. We are the creators of the HubShots Framework.

Craig Bailey presenting

Latest stories

More AI Lawsuits


At some point – pretty soon I suspect – we won’t even find AI related lawsuits (like this recent one) newsworthy.

They’ll just be common place.

Like most other legal matters involving copyright.

Exceptions aren’t your playbook


A note to myself really… So many books, videos and social post threads focus on the rare exceptions (in business, wealth, fitness, etc) and pull out takeaways to apply in general. Seems a sure path to failure – since if it were really just a few principles that made the difference, then they wouldn’t be the exceptions. So, don’t study the edge cases as your playbook for...

Paying for Subscriptions


There’s always outrage over Elon’s latest ‘idea’ for Twitter/X, and his recent $1 charge for users to post is no exception. Not that I think it’s a particularly good idea, but I’m surprised at how much pushback paying for something gets, usually along the lines of: “I will never pay a subscription just to use a social platform – it’s outrageous they...

What was useful from HubSpot’s annual event and product announcements?


Episode 304 of HubShots is out – in this monster episode (over an hour long) Ian and I chat through: HubSpot’s recent product announcements and what we can learn from them Is HubSpot a CRM or a Customer Platform? Campaign Assistant, now with added AI Prospecting tool benefits The Workflow cleanup feature is pretty handy Using WordPress and HubSpot CMS together HubSpot Guide Creator What...

Scammers impersonating Cole Haan


Scammers continue to improve their processes. The desired outcome is usually the same: get you to download malware But the sophistication is growing. Previously, agency owners would get sent cold emails inviting you to tender for some agency work (eg paid advertising for a big brand). The cold email would include a link to a ‘Presentation Deck’ explaining the brief and the...

AI aint cheap


Regarding GitHub Copilot, as per Paul Thurrott’s article which is getting shared around (probably because the original report from the Wall Street Journal and we can’t share that (it’s behind a paywall): GitHub Copilot costs $10 per month to subscribe to as an individual developer ($19 per month for businesses) But costs Microsoft around $30 per month to provide (via Open AI...

Mobile phones banned in NSW public schools


As of this week (the start of a new term) mobile phones can’t be used during the school day by students in NSW. This applies to high schools (primary schools already had this in place). This applies to public schools (ie not private schools). From the government announcement: “The ban is one of a number of measures the Government is putting in place to improve the classroom...

Using Spotify to launder money


Wow, gotta hand it to criminals, they sure are imaginative… makes me wonder why the don’t just go legit, with innovative thinking like this they could be very successful… Essentially the process is: Gang related rappers sets up song on Spotify Gang pays 3rd party companies for fake streams of those Spotify songs (ie similar to how you can pay 3rd party companies for fake Likes...