Hi, I’m Craig Bailey and this is my personal blog where I write about technology, business systems, HubSpot and general life experiences. You can read my posts here.

(If you are looking for the Content is King post by Bill Gates it is here)

I’m involved with three agencies in Sydney:

  • The first is XEN Systems. We help government departments and mid-large B2B technology companies with their sales and marketing strategy, including implementation and training in HubSpot 
  • The second is XEN Create. We provide premium graphic design services to companies, with a focus on using the latest AI tools, including Midjourney
  • The third is XEN Solar, where we help high quality solar companies (dealers, installers) with their sales and marketing processes.

I also co-host HubShots, the podcast and YouTube show focussed on getting the most out of HubSpot. We are the creators of the HubShots Framework.

Craig Bailey presenting

Latest stories

Using INBOUND as a sign post for what HubSpot is hearing from the market


It’s easy to think that what you do in your own business is typical for other businesses. For example, we’ve incorporated AI tools into all our company processes – planning, ideation, content creation, imagery, video, emails, summarising, etc. We consider it normal – similar to how we use spell check or grammar checker tools. But that’s not the case for most businesses. To pick a...

Meta trained AI on FB and IG posts


Nothing to be surprised at here I don’t think: Meta Platforms used public Facebook and Instagram posts to train parts of its new Meta AI virtual assistant, but excluded private posts shared only with family and friends in an effort to respect consumers’ privacy, the company’s top policy executive told Reuters in an interview. Meta also did not use private chats on its messaging...

Blue Light glasses are probably useless


Summary from this Guardian article: there doesn’t seem to be much benefit from wearing blue light filtering glasses. Or for that matter, reducing your screen time before bed. At least not due to blue light emissions anyway. But reading something stressful, or watching something exciting… that will likely impact your sleep no matter how much blue light is involved. I have a few friends...

Apple iPhone Micro QR Codes


Apple prints two tiny QR codes on every iPhone screen. The news about this is focussed on it being part of a crackdown on dodgy fault complaints, but that’s not what interests me here… I just like to imagine what it was like to be on the team tasked with this piece of the iPhone manufacturing process. It’s amazingly complex, and had to overcome issues with it potentially...

BeReal and Threads


Remember when BeReal had people excited? No, me either. But last year, there was interest in its reported 20 million daily active users were growing. (I’ll avoid discussion of how unreliable the numbers are, let’s use them as a comparison point.) A year later, it’s possibly a little higher at 25 million, or perhaps not, depending on who you read. Note: that number is global. US...

Meta AI quietly grows, while Jasper declines


Wow. Meta just keeps rolling out the releases this year. This week Llama 2 expands with Llama 2 Long and rubs shoulders with ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo (not 4.0 to be clear) and Claude 2 in terms of context windows. Meanwhile, Jasper feels the heat and lowers its projections and internal valuation (to $1.2B). This, hot on the heels of OpenAI announcing a staggering internal valuation (of $90B) the other...

What do HubSpot customers really care about?


Hint: It’s probably not product announcements from INBOUND. For listeners to our podcast, and HubSpot partners like us, HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference is a highlight of the year. But for the majority of HubSpot customers that we work with, most didn’t even know it was on. To them HubSpot is just one app amongst many – a single pond in a raging river of applications – that their...

OpenAI valuing itself around $90B


Via a report in the Wall Street Journal, OpenAI is looking to allow staff to sell shares at prices that value the company in the $80-90B mark. Note: there’s no intention for the company to go public. To put that in perspective, in Australia, there are only two companies who have a higher market cap. Put another way, OpenAI is valuing itself more than almost every company in Australia...

Amazon invests in Anthropic


Perhaps not surprising that Amazon has invested heavily in Anthropic (makers of Claude).

Meanwhile ChatGPT releases another big update, rolling out voice and image capabilities.

What a year it has been so far, and it still feels like we’re just beginning.