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LinkedIn Snapshot

Two types of post on LinkedIn that I don’t think will age well. The hubris of these types of posts: Imagine thinking having a tall building marked a ‘new beginning’… But note how many likes and comments it got – obviously I’m not one to listen to for insights on what’s popular… The virtue signalling of these types of posts: (To be clear, I have no...

BeReal and Threads

Remember when BeReal had people excited? No, me either. But last year, there was interest in its reported 20 million daily active users were growing. (I’ll avoid discussion of how unreliable the numbers are, let’s use them as a comparison point.) A year later, it’s possibly a little higher at 25 million, or perhaps not, depending on who you read. Note: that number is global. US...

Kevin Systrom comments about Threads

From an interview with Kevin Systrom, when asked about Threads, he mentions he can see both a bear case and a bull case: The bear case: It’s more or less what exists elsewhere, and there’s not much differentiated value. While you can get lots of attention very quickly for competing with Elon Musk, that attention turns into real judgment when it either provides value or doesn’t...

LinkedIn approach

This article perfectly captures why I’ve avoided LinkedIn (and withdrawn from most social) for so long. But I realise now, whilst it is fine to avoid consuming social (especially doom scrolling), the mistake I made was I also stopped creating for social. How I’ll incorporate this… For all our content, let’s focus on providing value and education only. Especially on...

Clearing cache of social posts

Good summary from Social Media Examiner of the tools to use for clearing the cache of your social posts. Here’s a typical scenario: you write a blog postyou go to share it on social eg Facebook and notice there’s a typo in the descriptionyou fix it on your blog postbut when you share on Facebook (even hours later) it still has the typo This is because each of the social platforms keep...

TikTok clubs

Everything changes so quickly: The embrace of the app at this school is mirrored on scattered campuses across the United States, where students are forming TikTok clubs to dance, sing and perform skits for the app — essentially drama clubs for the digital age, but with the potential to reach huge audiences.And unlike other social media networks, TikTok is winning over some educators, like...

Facebook hiding likes

And so it begins…. in Australia. Facebook will start testing hiding Likes on posts.

They first mentioned this at the start of the month.

Will be interesting to see how this pans out – one can assume this will be the norm on all social networks in a year’s time. Well, except LinkedIn of course, give them another few years before they catch up.

Define Viral: ZAO

If you ever need a definition of the word viral, in a marketing and adoption sense, here it is in a word: Zao

What an amazing app – the easy way to self deepfake face swap into movies and shows.

Such a cool idea, released and delivered well.

And of course, subject to all kinds of security and privacy scrutiny now.

Not liking Facebook Likes

First it was Instagram hiding likes, now Facebook itself is testing removing Likes (from the newsfeed at least). The idea is to prevent users from destructively comparing themselves to others and possibly feeling inadequate if their posts don’t get as many Likes. It could also stop users from deleting posts they think aren’t getting enough Likes or not sharing in the first place.TechCrunch...