Content Management System (CMS) Trends

Interesting to see the trends in CMS usage over the years: WordPress of course is the dominant player, but check out the growth from Shopify.  Also interesting to see Squarespace rising into 4th position alongside Wix. Looking at Squarespace’s recent S1 filing highlights they have 3.7M unique subscribers.  HubSpot (down at position 18) must be looking at this and seeing a whole world of...

Amazon execution

Australia Post Parcel Lockers versus Amazon Hub Lockers In Australia our postal service provides lockers you can get parcels sent to. You get a text or email to let you know a parcel has arrived and they are accessible 24 x 7 to pick up. Very handy. However, they are limited by the logistics capabilities of Australia Post, which means they don’t do deliveries on weekends (seems crazy right, but...

Do I Need to Show the Cookie Consent Popup?

This is a question we are asked regularly – do I need to show those annoying Cookie Consent popups? The answer depends on:  where you are located, and where your target audience is located. Specifically for Australia, where we are based (and predominantly target), it turns out we don’t have to. Here’s the advice from Legal Vision – an Australian Legal advisory: “Australian...

Opting out of NPS Surveys

On another topic entirely… This one’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine… it seems every company I interact with these days sends me a survey of some type (usually NPS) after the most minor of contact (eg rate our service after a 30 second web chat bot interaction). I used to ignore most of them, but then they got annoying and I started marking some of them as spam. Which probably isn’t ideal. Or...

Suggestibility and Twitter

I realised a few years ago just how suggestible I was. Possibly quite gullible as well (at least that’s what people tell me lol). This is one of the reasons I’m not on social much – a simple ad or post in my timeline often drives behaviours that I don’t really want (eg buying things, eating things). For the last year I’ve been running an experiment on Twitter where I mute every single...

HubSpot Workflows versus Sequences

This is a comparison that often confuses users – when to use Workflows versus using Sequences. We’ve discussed this in previous shows (listen to episode 110 for a good overview) but it’s worth revisiting. BTW shoutout to Sera at HubSpot who reminded me about this when we caught up recently. As she noted, we’re all busy, and thus automating (appropriately) where possible is a path to growth...

Apple and Search Engines

There’s been rumours of Apple entering the search engine space for years. Recently the rumours have started up again (via Coywolf). Aaron Wall (SEOBook) details why this is such an important topic to follow.

Bogus engagement emails

Sadly bogus outreach/engagement emails are picking up again – here’s a recent example: If purports to be a forwarded-on email from the CEO to an assistant, who forwards it on to me… with the goal of locking in a call. Summary: apart from the giveaway that it is sent from ActiveCampaign and has a mass email unsubscribe link it has no timestamp on the supposed initial emailsimply...

Overkill and Colin Hay and Choir!

Thank you to Ewen and Patton Oswalt for highlighting this – it’s Colin Hay singing Overkill with Choir!.

The first 1:27 are ok, and at 1:28 you kind of smile and think ‘well that guy on the right is getting into it…’ and then… and then… something incredible happens. Trust me on this.

Scout Suggest – Free keyword tool

Useful keyword research tool – and it’s free. Scout Suggest is a free keyword research tool. It’s quite handy for putting in a seed term and then getting a list of suggested search terms – it’s based on Google Autocomplete searches. Note that it is only a list of terms (it’s free after all) there’s no indication of competitiveness, search volume of the value of the terms. Scout...

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