HubShots 283: HubSpot Top Tips August 2022 Edition

After an (unintended) 6 week break*, Ian and I are back with a new episode of HubShots – our HubSpot focussed podcast (and now YouTube show). This episode we discuss: Incremental GrowthList LayoutsEmail Subscription TypesFrequency versus Relevancy in your email strategyUpdate a Contact when they’ve left a companyAutomatically Re-Open a Closed ticket when a customer replies (to a Closed...

Zoominfo Beautifully demonstrates the worst B2B pricing experience

We’re investigating options for some of our enterprise clients around data enrichment. ZoomInfo comes up as an option. I start checking it out. Looks like a potential option. I’ll check pricing. Here’s the pricing page – notice the View Pricing buttons: I click on the View Pricing button – here’s what I get: That’s right, there’s no pricing to View...


“The only inexcusable offence for an officer is to be surprised.”

Courage is Calling p28

To not be prepared…


“Virtue needs to be kept private. (Avoid virtual signalling which usually doesn’t have any skin in the game.)

Golden rule: do unto others…

Silver rule (negative golden rule): Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you. This one prevents busy bodies from attempting to run your life.”

From Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Anyone but these fuckers

(Apologies to readers outside Australia – the following applies to local politics) The upcoming Australian Federal Election is going to be so, so interesting. If the recent local election – we’re in Willoughby (part of Sydney in NSW) – is any guide the swing away from major parties is surprisingly high. It looks as though Liberals will just hold on, but only after a...

HubShots 270

We’re back after a nice break. Episode 270 is our first for 2022 and focuses on efficiency and effectiveness with HubSpot. Ian and I chat through a bunch of tips and topics including: Thoughts for 2022Having perspective and avoiding distractionEfficiency and Effectiveness with HubSpotUsing Version history on pages and emails to roll back to previous versionsAttribution reporting in...

The End of Yellowstone

Warning: spoilers Michele and I finished season 4 of Yellowstone earlier this week. What a show. We only discovered Yellowstone two weeks ago (I know, I know) and we binge watched all 4 seasons within that time. It’s probably my show of the year (and it’s only mid January). It sits comfortably with other excellent standouts including The Queen’s Gambit, Godless, Ted Lasso (and...

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