Bye Bye Nacho

Very thorough analysis of the Nacho Analytics demise by Ars Technica (a reminder of what good investigative tech journalism looks like btw). If you’re not familiar with the whole situation, here’s the summary: Chrome Browser extensions (perhaps deceptively) get your permission to track everything you do (recording URLs you visit, content that is on the page etc) and then on-sell that...

Morpheus Meditation

I’ve been using the Calm meditation app for a few years now – I find it helpful.

One of the things I like is that in each session Tamara ends with a simple, relevant quote.

Usually these are quotes from wise teachers, leaders and guides.

This morning she ended with a quote from Morpheus and I wasn’t quite sure what to think.

Wisdom can be found everywhere.

The Power of Pushups

Motivating article on The Atlantic about the benefits of pushups. But before we get to pushups… The speed at which you walk, for example, can be eerily predictive of health status. In a study of nearly 35,000 people aged 65 years or older in the Journal of the American Medical Association, those who walked at about 2.6 feet per second over a short distance—which would amount to a mile in...

Podcast exhaustion? Nope, probably just a link building post.

Oh the lols. This article in the NYT laments the oversupply of podcasts that launch and then fade. As noted on Twitter, it reads like an onion article. Here’s the thought in question: In 2016, Morgan Mandriota and Lester Lee, two freelance writers looking to grow their personal brands, decided to start a podcast. They called it “The Advice Podcast” and put about as much energy into the...

HubSpot’s Free Email with CRM play

“Thank you MailChimp, we’ll take your wonderful freemium model with email – that has worked so well for you for the last decade and you recently decided to discontinue – and slot it nicely into our CRM.” That, I imagine is what went through a number of people’s minds when HubSpot announced their (also wonderful) freemium email model now available* in HubSpot...

Email: Relevance versus Frequency

One of the most common questions/myths I run into is about email frequency. “How often should we send emails? We don’t want to bug people and have them unsubscribe…” My answer is always the same: you’re asking the wrong question. The question you should instead be focussing on is: How can we make our emails more relevant. Although frequency is a factor, a much bigger...

Temporal subscriptions: This Old Marketing Podcast is back

What a pleasant surprise – one of my favourite marketing podcasts is back (after an 18 month break). Welcome back to Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose with their This Old Marketing podcast. One of the key insights from their return episode (212): thinking through the idea of temporal subscriptions. That is, the increasingly common behaviour where people subscribe to a service temporarily with the...

Pushing into Pinterest. Yes, for B2B

When I mention Pinterest, what’s your initial reaction in terms of marketing for B2B?  Not a fit? Our audience isn’t there. It doesn’t convert. etc? If so, then here’s a little prompt to ‘test and measure’. We started running small tests on Pinterest in November last year, with the aim of seeing whether we could use Pinterest to build awareness in the B2B...

Privacy: CCPA – it’s GDPR all over again

You remember the panic around GDPR right? Even if you weren’t targeting audiences in Europe, you were across the privacy changes this new regulation ushered in. What about CCPA? It’s going to be GDPR all over again, but this time in the US, slated for 01 January 2020. Technically it’s limited to California, but in practice this will be an important consideration for...

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