Thanks to Justin Theng for this idea – it’s fun to play with HubSpot’s GrowthBot.
Here he/she is being all coy:

UPDATE: you can play along on Instagram too:

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HubSpot CRM now supports parent-child relationships

This is a biggy, because I know a lot of companies have been asking for this. HubSpot CRM now supports parent-child company relationships. The full announcement is here. Note: a parent can have many children, but a child can only be attached to one parent ie there’s no many-to-many relationships allowed. Also, there’s no data rollup – ie deals against a child company won’t...

LinkedIn versus Facebook. Again

“Oh, we’re B2B,” someone said. “We don’t think anyone’s looking for our content on Facebook. We only want to use LinkedIn.” Good post from Contently debunking this approach – that somehow continues to persist. And they back it up with data: The incredible amount of time that people spend on Facebook (50 minutes per day) means that Facebook has a supply of attention that no competitor can...

Apple results

Interesting to read all the analysis of Apple’s latest results eg things like this. There’s all kinds of opinions about whether it’s a good result or not, and what the future holds. But ever so occasionally something with real relevance pops up. Like this, from Jeff Johnson: Apple stated that Q1 FY2017 was an all-time record for quarterly revenue. The media dutifully and mostly...

Snap hosting bills

TechCrunch notes from Snap’s filing that Snap are committing to spend $2B with Google over the next 5 years on Cloud Infrastructure. $400M per year isn’t big compared to Google’s other revenues (from ads), but it shows the growth coming. Similar to how Apple’s watch business is tiny compared to the iPhone sales, but is huge compare to other global companies eg Rolex (Apple...

Medium launching subscription plan this quarter

Good news. I think. Via TechCrunch:
Medium CEO Ev Williams announced today at Upfront Summit that his company will launch a consumer subscription product, with the first version coming this quarter.
Ev called the product “an upgrade to your Medium experience”
I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be subscribing.
I love Medium and spend time in there every single day.

Amazon head count hits 341,000

That’s a lot of people for a ‘technology company’. And the growth rate is staggering – more than 110,000 in the last 12 months. And they plan to add another 100,000 in the next 18 months. Incredible.
via GeekWire


Potentially useful tool for analysing the types of questions people are asking about a topic:
BloomBerry is an ever expanding database containing millions of real questions from across the web.
Questions are then intelligently grouped into topics for easy analysis.
But heavily weighted with Quora posts it seems – for example.

Salesforce is doomed. Apparently

This, kids, is why you need to take most opinion pieces on tech blogs – even the respected ones – with a grain of salt. The title – Why Salesforce is the new Blackberry – is a clever title. It certainly got me interested. But then *sigh*, as the post attempted to position Salesforce as being in danger of sudden death – but never clear what causes that death (ie the...

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