Chrome 76 blocks Flash by default

Well this was a surprise to me.

Google today launched Chrome 76 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The release includes Adobe Flash blocked by default, Incognito mode detection disabled, multiple PWA improvements, and more developer features.

I had no idea people were still using Flash.

Marketing skills for the future

From a guest author on Marketing Mag: A successful marketer of the future understands the importance of data and insights in the context of consumer demands, but also recognises the limits of the team and embraces the technology available to them to solve these challenges with speed and efficiency.Marketing Mag Putting aside that the author works for an AI Martech tool, their following assertion...

YouTube channel research

Incredibly thorough investigation and research into YouTube channel creation and viewership by Pew Research Centre. Pew Research Center used its own custom mapping technique to assemble a list of popular YouTube channels (those with at least 250,000 subscribers) that existed as of late 2018, then conducted a large-scale analysis of the videos those channels produced in the first week of 2019. The...

Mad Magazine

A wonderful ‘tribute’ to Mad Magazine in The New Yorker. Mad magazine is sadly coming to an end. After 67 years (it started in 1952). The June, 1954, cover was styled like a literary journal, so that readers “ashamed to read this comic-book in subways and like that” could make “people think you are reading high-class intellectual stuff instead of miserable junk.”The New Yorker As part...

What price privacy?

From Bloomberg: Millions of young people are turning their personal Instagram accounts into “business” profiles to learn more about how their posts are performing. The trend has an unintended privacy consequence. And further: “I’ll talk to parents and say, ‘Did you know that if your 13-year-old turns their Instagram account into a business account, more than 1 billion people have access to their...

Siri Privacy

From The Guardian: Apple contractors regularly hear confidential medical information, drug deals, and recordings of couples having sex, as part of their job providing quality control, or “grading”, the company’s Siri voice assistant, the Guardian has learned. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I really did think (somewhat naively I guess) that Apple had better privacy controls. Perhaps...

Twitter wins

Twitter can be a dumpster fire at times (and not just due to the rush to judgement temptations). So it’s refreshing to see a thread like this one from James Clear: What is one article you’ve read that is so good it’s worth reading again?James Clear I started going through some of the articles mentioned in replies. They are all (so far) high quality, helpful, illuminating...

HubSpot and Privacy

Interesting to see that HubSpot is removing location tracking in its Activity feed. Here’s their reasoning: “While email tracking can prevent over-emailing and help you time your follow-up in a relevant way, the location data attached to that tracking did not add enough value to either the user or the end-customer-experience.” Although their post mentions ‘not enough...

You guys

Interesting thread from Pete Caputa about use of ‘you guys’ when referring to both men and women.

Does it bother you when someone addresses a group of people (of different genders) as “you guys?”@pc4media

Perhaps even more interesting, as Peter notes, most of the responses are from guys.

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