LastPass Unravel

The LastPass security issue continues.


A bunch of seasoned, security minded crypto investors are finding their wallets drained

So far, $35M has been confirmed

A common trait is they had their seed phrases stored in LastPass prior to the security incidents last year

If this ends up being confirmed as a LastPass hack outcome, then it’s only the start of a bunch of knock-on effects.

The Four Voices of the NO Campaign

A few introductory remarks (since this is such a passionate topic): This is based on my personal sphere, I’m not pretending it is representative of the wider community This won’t discuss any of the issues, it is purely about the groups that are voting No It will likely be updated based on feedback from smart people than me As I see it there are four main groups (‘voices’)...

What Do We Value?

One quick answer: can we see it? And does seeing it invoke an emotional response? Trying to get to the bottom of what clients perceive as valuable is challenging, but I’ve started to realise an important part is whether they can see it. Whether they can point at it. Whether they can easily show it to others. A few examples to highlight the differences: Improving the efficiency of a sales...


I’m guessing 1 in 5 of the posts I see on LI these days is ChatGPT generated.  They have that slightly fake feel about them, that we’re all starting to become attuned to. The equivalent of seeing an airbrushed ‘candid’ photo in your feed. Not off-putting, but not completely authentic. Your mileage may vary. Not that there’s anything wrong with this, and frankly it...

From Information to Insights

Information is plentiful, insight is not. We all produce a lot of information. But to be valuable and actionable we need to convert it into insights. The transformation usually follows this path: Information => Knowledge => Insights Let’s start with some simple descriptions and then an example to understand the process. Information is essentially data. It can be observations...

Customer Support Anchors

Apple is discontinuing customer support via Twitter (X), YouTube and it’s own Apple Support Community forums, according to a MacRumours post. Timeframe for this to be completed is before end of year (likely by November). This means that if customers requests support (eg via the @AppleSupport account on X) they’ll receive automated replies at best, and likely no replies on other...

Texting while walking is apparently dangerous

Who knew? Incredible finding! In a bizarre study that confirmed the obvious, researchers have confirmed that texting while walking increases your changes of falling. I’m not making this up. As I noted at the time, I’m looking forward to their next study investigating: ‘Whether falling asleep at the wheel increases the chances of a crash’ But jokes aside, there’s...

Language Devices

Remember when conversations with potential suppliers were… conversations. Where they were actually interested in your problem and confirming they were a fit for providing a solution. Ahhh yes, the good old days (of 0% interest). Perhaps it’s because nobody cares about the customer anymore, or perhaps it’s lack of training, but most calls these days aren’t conversations...

The Absence of Flow

I was having dinner with a close friend recently, and confiding how down and unfulfilled I felt at times. It seems that this year has been a grind. He helped me take a step back and review what has changed in my daily routine that could be a contributor. After some probing an insight revealed itself: the move from working in the business, to working on the business, has unintended consequences on...

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