So much for a holiday…


In December I mentioned preparing for a fast start in 2024. And what a fast start it has been.

I can’t remember a January being this busy, right from the first week, in a long, long time. It’s a good sign. Or at least I’ve decided to take it that way – you can choose your own outlook for the year ahead. Depending on which PR release you read it’s either going to be a terrible year, or a fantastic year. 

Worth mentioning for my overseas readers that in Australia we usually have a lazy start to the year, with most businesses strolling back into the office around the middle of the month. (I realise this is different in many other countries). Nothing like that this year.

In other reflections, you may recall I also recommended boosting your paid ads over the break – because it is often a quiet time. Sadly (for us and our clients) there was no such benefit this year. Ads were just as expensive as usual and there may actually have been more competition than usual.

Which all gels with the fast start experience. It’s almost like there wasn’t a break… 

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By Craig Bailey