Truth Alone

Some songs have that moment.

That part you rewind and play/listen/watch over and over again.

Here’s Alter Bridge performing Words Darker than their Wings live at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago.

The moment comes around 5:49 when Myles hits that note.

The crowd response is appropriate, and Mark gives him that nod at 5:58.

I’ve watched this so many times.


I only learned yesterday the sad news that Margaret Urlich passed away a few months ago (23 August 2022).


She was only 57.

Glenn A Baker’s tribute is the best I’ve read.

Anyone but these fuckers

(Apologies to readers outside Australia – the following applies to local politics) The upcoming Australian Federal Election is going to be so, so interesting. If the recent local election – we’re in Willoughby (part of Sydney in NSW) – is any guide the swing away from major parties is surprisingly high. It looks as though Liberals will just hold on, but only after a...

The End of Yellowstone

Warning: spoilers Michele and I finished season 4 of Yellowstone earlier this week. What a show. We only discovered Yellowstone two weeks ago (I know, I know) and we binge watched all 4 seasons within that time. It’s probably my show of the year (and it’s only mid January). It sits comfortably with other excellent standouts including The Queen’s Gambit, Godless, Ted Lasso (and...

My iPhone Home screen

Another home screen update. And just like the previous ones (here and here), this is purely for my own interest when I look back in years to come.

Overkill and Colin Hay and Choir!

Thank you to Ewen and Patton Oswalt for highlighting this – it’s Colin Hay singing Overkill with Choir!.

The first 1:27 are ok, and at 1:28 you kind of smile and think ‘well that guy on the right is getting into it…’ and then… and then… something incredible happens. Trust me on this.

US Consumers to return $100B worth of goods this year

As reported in the Financial Times, it is estimated that in the US consumers will return $100B worth of goods (just from Thanksgiving and Christmas). Clothing is particularly problematic as online shoppers, unsure of exactly what they are buying, are ordering several versions of the same articles with different sizes and colours. “Shoppers are using their homes as dressing rooms,” said...