So much for a holiday…

In December I mentioned preparing for a fast start in 2024. And what a fast start it has been. I can’t remember a January being this busy, right from the first week, in a long, long time. It’s a good sign. Or at least I’ve decided to take it that way – you can choose your own outlook for the year ahead. Depending on which PR release you read it’s either going to be a terrible year, or a...

Be a flip-flopper

I’m enjoying Shane Parish’s new book: Clear Thinking

This quip has inspired me to be a flip-flopper this year:

Layoffs in 2024?

Always fun to read the headlines and analysis of where the job market is headed:

Mass layoffs are coming in 2024 (Newsweek)

92% of employers expect more layoffs in 2024 (ebn)

More than half of US companies plan to increase hiring in the first half of 2024 (Robert Half)

70.5% expect an increase in hiring needs (Randstad)

Pick your preferred outlook.

Empathy versus Projection

This got me thinking…

How do you show empathy (and understand how a person is feeling) versus falling into the trap of projecting (and assuming the person is feeling what you are feeling)?

Side effects

I suspect most people focus too much on the side effects of doing something, versus the side effects of not doing anything. For example:  The side effects of vaccines (eg 2 out 100,000 get heart side effects from COVID vaccines, versus the side effects of not getting vaccinated – you can ‘do your own research‘ on this one) The side effects of exercising (injuries, muscle tears...

Bond films

As I noted on Threads, I’ve been rewatching the Bond films. The stakes are higher in some than others. The Spy Who Loved Me: Bond stops Stromberg from destroying the world Moonraker: Bond stops Drax from destroying the world View to a Kill: Bond stops Zorin from destroying Silicon Valley Die Another: Bond stops Graves from starting a war in Korea Casino Royale: Bond stops Le Chiffre winning...

Apple Notes

Just a quick note to record that Apple Notes is working for me. I moved over at the start of the year after years of using Evernote. Not that there was a functionality problem with Evernote, but I was very concerned when they were acquired and the new company didn’t give much confidence the product would be maintained. Since using Apple Notes, I’ve also adopted Tiago Forte’s...

Preparing for a 2024 Fast Start

As I write this there are 15 business days until Christmas – the race is on. Whilst many are focussed on finally being able to crash and relax, others are already planning for a rapid start to 2024 in early January. Which camp are you in? At XEN, we’re in the unusual position of potentially working right through the holiday break (this hasn’t happened before), simply because a number of our...

Consultant versus Coach

Useful clarity from Chris Marr in his book Becoming an Authoritative Coach: Have been reflecting on this in terms of both clients and team members. For clients = we are consultants (may be different for your business though) For staff = I need to be more of a coach (as do the senior leadership team) The trap I often fall into is trying to solve the problem for a team member, instead of coaching...

You do you

I used to ridicule this kind of behaviour as well:

But now I’m like, if that makes you happy, saving and sharing a moment then more power to you.

As long as you aren’t impacting those around you (eg with bright flashes) then you be you.