Note-Taking Apps

Interesting perspective from Casey Newton on Platformer regarding his lack of success with note taking apps and approaches. Here’s the quote that most are using: Initially, I threw myself into this kind of associative note-taking. I gathered links around concepts I wanted to explore (the internet enables information to travel too quickly, for example, or social networks and polarization)...

Problem to solve

By definition a problem has a solution, otherwise it’s just reality.

If it’s not solvable, it isn’t a problem.

(I read this in a book in the past week – and made a note of it – but forget to note where I read it – will add credit when I find it again.)

Creative Days

Have been thinking about the days that are most fulfilling for me. At their best they contain most elements from: Start with thinking Meditation Consume nutritious content – read a book Plan a blog post Write a blog post Publish a blog post Share to social Write a social post Think through a process or system part Document a process Think about a topic or life area of business area Ask why...

Barista Cloth

Have you ever watched a barista clean the milk frother with a cloth after they steam your milk?

And then watched them use that same cloth to wipe down the bench, table, prep area, etc with the same cloth.

Kinda disgusting when you think about it.

So perhaps we shouldn’t think about it. And just enjoy our coffee.

40 Hours

In the daily grind of work, consider where you are today in terms of the tasks, projects and progress you’ve made.

How different would your life be if you’d been at this place exactly one week ago?

Just 40 hours is the difference.

How many hours did you waste in the past week doing low value stuff?

A message to myself.

The Simple Narrative Fallacy

“Thinking that all complex problems must have a simple solution.” An extension of Narrative Fallacy. We see this all the time – and likely fall into the trap ourselves – of thinking that an elegantly presented explanation of a solution to a complex problem is true. The sheer elegance of it must be proof of validity. Often accompanied by the even bigger trap of dismissing...

People won’t leave their pets behind

The following photo is from my daily dogs calendar yesterday: We’ve all likely seen videos of people rushing back into burning buildings to rescue their pets. What I didn’t realise was how common it was – as per the above photo – with half of disaster victims refusing to evacuate in that case due to staying for their pets. These aren’t isolated, rare cases. So much...

How to Be Elegant by Michele Connolly

My wife has just launched her latest book. She’s a rare mix of skills – not only is she a funny and insightful writer (and very creative), but she’s also very technical. She taught herself how to use a bunch of tools to prepare it, then format it for Kindle, upload, set up Stripe and PayPal, build out a site on PayHip and integrate it into her website. Everything from start to...


Word of the week: Pronoia

“Pronoia describes a state of mind that is the opposite of paranoia. Whereas a person suffering from paranoia feels that persons or entities are conspiring against them, a person experiencing pronoia believes that the world around them conspires to do them good.”

I’m not saying being in either state is a good thing, but if you had to choose one…

The Kindness Before the Storm

As I write this, Threads (the new social platform from Meta) has just passed 100M users. In 5 days. Interesting times. I’m really enjoying the freedom of a fresh start. I have hardly any followers on Threads and thus don’t feel at all constrained in what I share.  This might seem odd (for a marketer to say) but for me there’s a pressure on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram –...