Why I’m treating my blog like a social timeline

Lately I’ve been using my blog almost in the same way that many people use social, such as Twitter or LinkedIn, just to share links to things that catch my attention and write a little one- or two-line comment. And perhaps this is a good idea, and perhaps it’s not. But I thought I’d just mention a few reasons why I’m doing this as opposed to sharing on Twitter or other...

Mike Cannon-Brookes on Imposter Syndrome

I missed this last December – Mike shares his experiences and insights around imposter syndrome. You might assume successful people never feel like frauds. In fact, the opposite is much more likely to be true.The most successful people I know don’t question themselves – but they do question their knowledge. They see asking for advice as a way of testing their ideas...

Ray Dalio on 3 big issues

I enjoy reading what investors have to say about world economics, finance and trends. Ray is a favourite. His latest article on LI is perhaps not as compelling as previous ones, but interesting in its own right. However, that’s not why I’m linking to it. Instead, I find the comments from people even more interesting. So many people, so quick to belittle and dismiss. Nothing new of...

WeWork IPO lols

It’s hard to get your head around the We Company train wreck that is heading this way.

Elizabeth Lopatto’s post on The Verge is a masterpiece in shining the light on impending chaos. Kinsey Grant at Morning Brew is a little more restrained, but equally dubious.

Who on earth will be buying shares?

Conspiracy theories

No matter what side you are on (if any) over the Jeffrey Epstein suicide, chances are you didn’t need much convincing – as noted by the New York Times.

An opinion, based on nothing but a headline, is all you need these days. As I lamented recently.

Reusable shopping bags

An observation. When the whole ‘ban the bag’ campaign came into effect in NSW last July I didn’t really give it much thought. A minor nuisance if anything – since we re-used the plastic bags from supermarkets as garbage bags and would no longer have that easy option – but overall not something I really cared about. I was probably cynical if anything – it seemed...

Mad Magazine

A wonderful ‘tribute’ to Mad Magazine in The New Yorker. Mad magazine is sadly coming to an end. After 67 years (it started in 1952). The June, 1954, cover was styled like a literary journal, so that readers “ashamed to read this comic-book in subways and like that” could make “people think you are reading high-class intellectual stuff instead of miserable junk.”The New Yorker As part...

Twitter wins

Twitter can be a dumpster fire at times (and not just due to the rush to judgement temptations). So it’s refreshing to see a thread like this one from James Clear: What is one article you’ve read that is so good it’s worth reading again?James Clear I started going through some of the articles mentioned in replies. They are all (so far) high quality, helpful, illuminating...

You guys

Interesting thread from Pete Caputa about use of ‘you guys’ when referring to both men and women.

Does it bother you when someone addresses a group of people (of different genders) as “you guys?”@pc4media

Perhaps even more interesting, as Peter notes, most of the responses are from guys.

The world is complex

It always strikes me as strange on Twitter, when I see people jumping in to comment on a current news story, especially if it’s a criminal investigation going through the courts. What surprises me (and you I’m sure) is they feel that within a minute or two of reading the article, they’re informed enough to comment on the merits of the case and what the actual verdict should be...

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