Willpower revisited

Fascinating article from Nir Eyal on new findings related to willpower. Over the past decades the theory of ego-depletion had gained traction: Psychological researchers have a name for this phenomenon: it’s called “ego depletion.” The theory is that willpower is connected to a limited reserve of mental energy, and once you run out of that energy, you’re more likely to lose self-control. If...

Bullshit detectors engaged

Found these via John Gruber (here and here), discussing the growing problem of not being able to detect bullshit. For example, the following is complete bullshit: We live in the age of information, which means that we also live in the age of misinformation. Indeed, you have likely come across more bullshit so far this week than a normal person living 1,000 years ago would in their entire lifetime...

Jobs and dignity

I love it when reading an article changes my view on things. This article on Bloomberg changed my view on ‘making up jobs’. The author (Noah Smith) writes: I recently wrote that the government should focus on getting people jobs instead of just mailing them money. Ideas for doing that range from government employment guarantees to public-works programs to tax incentives for...

The Wellness Industry is Doing Well

A few years ago when I went to get some physiotherapy done (eg pulled a shoulder muscle or hurt my neck) it would all be fixed after two sessions, and we’d possibly have a third session just as a check up. Two week ago I hurt my shoulder and went for some physio. The first session was mostly discussion and exploratory with a bit of actual physio and improvement. Next session was two days...

Always take Option A

Option A: As soon as you realise you’ve done something wrong or stupid or even just accidentally, apologise. Fix the relationship (business, personal or other) as soon as possible. This is your top priority. Option B: Let some time go by while you think through whether you ‘really’ were at fault or not. Assume that as time goes by it will blow over and things will return back to...

David Kadavy spills gems

If you ever doubted whether Quora could be useful then have a read through this list of answers by David Kadavy. Gold.
Some of the best time management and productivity thinking I’ve read in a long time.
Make sure you click through on all his links, especially his posts on Medium. They’re all gems.

WeWork and innovation

You probably know WeWork – the co-working space provider, now creating co-living spaces. You may think that providing co-living space is only about the tangibles (the rooms, furniture and fittings) but that’s just the start. Here’s why I think WeWork is an innovator – note especially the second paragraph (from the link above): Positive social interaction is the priority to...

Louder Minds

My wife Michele has started a new website – a site for introverts. It’s interesting, inspiring and pretty, pretty funny at times.
It’s called Louder Minds – and the Facebook page is pretty good too. Or Instagram if that’s your thing.
Here’s a taste or two:

When a Team Member Dies

The technology world lost a wonderful writer and highly respected thought leader recently – Kerry Butters. Kerry Butters passed away on 23 February 2016 after a short battle with cancer. I had the pleasure of working with Kerry since early 2013 – she was a pivotal member of the XEN team and a wonderful guide to me personally. I’ve written a post over on the XEN blog covering her...

First World Reflections

I was waiting in line to talk to the concierge in the hotel yesterday (I’m currently in New York as I write this). I was third in line, and the line was starting to grow behind me. Up ahead in first place, hijacking the concierge was a father and his daughter. I’d guess she was 11 or 12, but I was behind them so couldn’t really tell. I couldn’t hear the conversation with...

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