The End of Yellowstone


Warning: spoilers

Michele and I finished season 4 of Yellowstone earlier this week. What a show. We only discovered Yellowstone two weeks ago (I know, I know) and we binge watched all 4 seasons within that time.

It’s probably my show of the year (and it’s only mid January). It sits comfortably with other excellent standouts including The Queen’s Gambit, Godless, Ted Lasso (and of course Game of Thrones, but that goes without saying).

When Kevin Costner rides off into the sunset and the credits on the final episode rolled Michele simply said ‘That’s it. That’s the end of the show.’

I was initially confused, since I assumed – like every other fan – that I was now eagerly awaiting a fifth season.

But after a few minutes of contemplation I agreed. This was indeed the end of the show. And it ended perfectly.

Yes, there’s many threads still to explore (if there was a future season) but as a journey, a wonderful story has been told.

As we discussed the final episode, two moments seem significant:

First, as Kayce comes to the end of his 4 day test he sees a vision with 2 paths. He asks his guide for help deciding but she says he must make the decision. Later, having returned, Kayce sits around a fire and Monica asks him what he saw. He simply replies “I saw the end of us”.

Second, as Jimmy is driving out the gates of Yellowstone, headed to Texas (and presumably the 6666 spinoff show) he sees ex-girlfriend Mia on the side of the road. As he continues driving his fiancée says, “This is your best chance to turn back if you feel doubt.” But he very deliberately leaves Mia and Yellowstone behind.

At the risk of reading too much into these moments, we wondered if this was in fact (showrunner and main writer) Taylor Sheridan highlighting the choices he’s had to make this year…

First, he must have been sorely tempted (and courted by Paramount) to continue down the easy path (season 5) but has (we suspect) chosen the hard path (the end of the show).

Second, having made the difficult choice, he’s later asked if he has any doubts. But he is sure.

As am I. This was the end of Yellowstone.

Oh, how I hope I’m wrong.

UPDATE 28 February 2022: Yellowstone is back for Season 5. So glad I was wrong on this one.

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By Craig Bailey