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Whether you’re an Anthony Albanese fan or not, this interview by Tim McDonald is a masterclass in how to prepare, engage and cover (for a distracting co-host) when talking with a world leader (like it or not Albo is our country’s leader on the world stage).

The interview coverage has been hijacked by the cohost’s antics (including dropping the F-bomb), which is a shame. Because the real star here is Tim.

Just watch how skilfully he keeps the conversation flowing, keeps it entertaining, and brings it back to important issues… without ever trying to make it about himself.

To be fair, Albo’s not a bore, but he’s also not exactly Mr Charisma. It’s no easy task making him look this good (just watch most morning show interviews with him – and any politician for that matter).

Well done Tim. I suspect we’ll look back in years to come – when Tim has gone on to huge things – and view interviews like this as (obvious in hindsight) signs he had a big future ahead of him.

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By Craig Bailey