My iPhone Home screen

Every so often I add a screenshot of my home screen – purely for fun when looking back in the years to come. Here it is as of 28 September 2019 – on my black iPhone SE running iOS 13.1

I use some iPhone wallpaper hacks from here.

Facebook hiding likes

And so it begins…. in Australia. Facebook will start testing hiding Likes on posts.

They first mentioned this at the start of the month.

Will be interesting to see how this pans out – one can assume this will be the norm on all social networks in a year’s time. Well, except LinkedIn of course, give them another few years before they catch up.

Obfuscation over Privacy

My first thought on reading this post on MIT Press about potentially using obfuscation to provide a shroud of privacy was… good luck. Computers are way too smart for that and if they can’t now, in the future they’ll be able to pick the patterns easily. Think of a 5 year old trying to talk in code with another 5 year old by using a bunch of distraction – surely that’s...

Google Algorithm September 2019 Core Update

Just thought I’d mark this here, since I like to look back and see what I was thinking about in years prior.

This time it was Google rolling out a broad algorithm update – calling it the September 2019 Core Update.

As usual, Twitter is where all the discussion is.

SEO Myths

Wow, what a monster post by Barry Schwartz. I have to admit I’ve only read the first half… I haven’t actually got on to the actual myths yet.

More accurately, and perhaps more valuably, this is a post about understanding mental models and biases.

(And well done to SEMrush for snagging this one)

Bob Iger

Motivating profile of Bob Iger in the NYT. In a town where everyone is always filleting everyone else, Mr. Iger floats above it all, cosseted in what some call a “a cult of nice.” He may own most of the box office, but he is shielded from schadenfreude because the people who would ordinarily begrudge him are happy that someone was able to assail the unassailable Netflix, and rescue the spirit of...

tvCAD – Aussie Technology Success Story

My friend Ewen (CADbloke) has been beavering away on tvCAD for many years now, polishing it into a successful software venture. It’s a niche piece of software, here’s the overview from his site: tvCAD makes cable schedules from your CAD wiring drawings, automatically and quickly and 100% accurately.tvCAD Very specific audience, very specific problem set, very specific solution. And it...

How to search this site

It’s not intuitive I grant you, but you can click the hamburger menu (top right) to show a panel that includes a search bar, plus my complete archives – all the way back to 2004.

WeWork just keeps on giving

I know I’ve been linking to WeWork stories a lot, but there’s still more. Part of the reason I’m adding them is because it will be interesting to look back in 10 years and reflect on what I was thinking about… So, about WeWork: Zero Hedge dive into the fraud that is WeWorkThe Atlantic dives into the unicorn delusionScott Galloways dives into an autopsy on the collapse The...

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