Internet strategy


An interesting read from Noah Smith, usefully summarising the demise of the internet as we have known it. Now it has degraded into a hot mess of ads, misinformation, laughable summarising and walled gardens. So long beautiful, open internet.

How to respond then?

Good question, and one I’m pondering at the moment.

I don’t have the answer yet (or perhaps won’t ever) but it does seem clear to me that the meaningful discussions, relationships and real knowledge are moving to messenger formats (whether that’s WhatsApp, SMS, Slack groups, Communities, etc).

For example, as a business channel we’re investigating WhatsApp closely. It’s been a personal app for a decade, and it’s big in other countries, yet here in Australia it is only just starting to take off as a legitimate business channel (or so it seems – perhaps I’m just out of touch).

Interesting times ahead.

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