BeReal and Threads


Remember when BeReal had people excited? No, me either.

But last year, there was interest in its reported 20 million daily active users were growing. (I’ll avoid discussion of how unreliable the numbers are, let’s use them as a comparison point.)

A year later, it’s possibly a little higher at 25 million, or perhaps not, depending on who you read.

Note: that number is global. US only users is in the order of 3 million.

Meanwhile people throw shade on Threads with only 23 million daily users in the US. This, for an app that was released in July (that’s 3 months ago as I write this).

Threads feels like the AirPods of Meta. The ‘tiny’ product that people dismiss when comparing to the larger platform. If it were a completely separate app/company, it would be lauded for it’s growth to date.

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By Craig Bailey