Planting the seed


If you’ve ever suggested something to someone, only to have them excitedly announce that same thing to you a few weeks later, then you know the frustration of ‘planting seeds’.

It’s especially annoying when they glowingly tell you about it being suggested to them by someone else…

This is the difference between ‘planting seeds’ versus ‘watering them’.

It’s not something that should annoy us though, it’s something we should welcome. Because:

  • for starters, we (unknowingly) do it a lot ourselves
  • it shows that our friend is open to suggestion (that’s a good thing – imagine if they stubbornly closed down all ability to input)
  • it’s likely we’ve been acknowledged by them for other things that were actually planted by others – ie the circle continues
  • growth in others is more important than credit for us

In life, let’s be both planters and waterers.

And let’s try to remember who the planters of seeds in our own life were more often.

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By Craig Bailey