YouTube views going down


I use a Chrome extension (called YouTube digest) for summarising YouTube videos so I don’t have to watch them. It saves me me hours.

But here’s the thing: assume most other people are either already doing the same, or will be soon (or using Bard or other tools).

They are essentially taste testing to decide if they’ll consume (some of) the full meal…

Which is one of the reasons the views on your YouTube videos are probably declining – depending no the format of your videos.

For videos that are just of people having a conversation (eg HubShots), I’d expect views to plummet – why would people sit through the episode when they can just browse the summary and get 80% of the value.

There will be exceptions for videos with celebrities of course (there always are), but for all the regular people like you and me, we need to adapt our videos to focus on visuals that add value. Or entertain.

Walk throughs and screenshots are important.

And it’s (hopefully) no surprise to anyone that short form video is even more on the rise.

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By Craig Bailey