HubShots 305


Ian and I have released our final episode for the year, you can watch it here and read the full show notes here.

This episode we dive into:

  • Preparing for a Fast Start in 2024
  • Quick shots (Loom, Clearbit acquisitions)
  • Active lists of non-marketing contacts who used to be marketing contacts
  • How to build a list of ZoomInfo contacts
  • Adding images in meetings in the HubSpot app
  • Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator with HubSpot – pros and cons 
  • How to find who created a contact 
  • Sequence sender score analysis
  • Triggering SMS to contacts from a workflow
  • Blocking contacts with free email addresses
  • Smart content rules to block contacts from some countries
  • Last Message from Visitor ticket property
  • HubSpot’s Data Model Overview
  • Teamwork Workflows marketplace app
  • Consultant versus Coach
HubShots episode 305

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By Craig Bailey