Hi, I’m Craig Bailey and this is my personal blog where I write about technology, business systems, HubSpot and general life experiences. You can read my posts here.

(If you are looking for the Content is King post by Bill Gates it is here)

I’m involved with three agencies in Sydney:

  • The first is XEN Systems. We help government departments and mid-large B2B technology companies with their sales and marketing strategy, including implementation and training in HubSpot¬†
  • The second is XEN Create. We provide premium graphic design services to companies, with a focus on using the latest AI tools, including Midjourney
  • The third is XEN Solar, where we help high quality solar companies (dealers, installers) with their sales and marketing processes.

I also co-host HubShots, the podcast and YouTube show focussed on getting the most out of HubSpot. We are the creators of the HubShots Framework.

Craig Bailey presenting

Latest stories

VFP Solution Explorer


There’s been a few discussions lately about a Solution Explorer for VFP (see Craig Boyd’s mention here for example). I note that Craig Bernston is working on one and there are probably others out there.Here’s a link to a presentation Scott Scovell gave at OzFox last year and then re-presented at the Sydney VFP UG this month.Scott is planning to open it up to the community later...

VFP Resources


Every so often a new person turns up at the Sydney VFP User Group and asks where they can find information on a VFP related item. Usually I send them an email afterwards with a list of VFP resources. But to save time I’ve compiled a list here. There are many others ofcourse, but these are some main ones to get started with.[Update: Added The FoxPro Show in the podcast section]Microsoft VFP...

OzFox 2006


I’ve had a few queries from people about the next OzFox.The answer is that we are planning to have the next OzFox in September 2006.This is a deliberate move away from an annual event to a bi-annual one (bi-annual? I never know whether that means twice every year, or every two years, but you get the point). This was based on feedback from OzFox 2004 attendees who said having the conference...

Taking on the big boys


Rick writes about his feelings of distress with American business (and this could be equally applied to Australia). I think it is an important read, now more than ever, regardless of whether you agree with him or not. So where do you start? Well, start with the small things. You may think the following is trivialising the issue (not at all my intention), but it is very funny and makes a good...

Gotta love libraries


I’ve been looking forward to this book The Historian for a while.Dymocks and other stores advised me I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it until July 4. But my wife suggested I place a hold on it at the library. The library web site advises me yesterday it is ready for collection. So I picked it up today (July 2) even though it is not available in the stores until Monday. Love it...

.Net Return on Complexity (ROC)

I’m concerned about the lack of return on investment our continuning involvement with .net is going to produce. I guess I’ve bored enough people with my views on this over the past few months to warrant a blog about it (that way I can just point people here, they can smile politely and ignore it :-)) In a nutshell my train of thought is this:1. Developers are not only victims of hype...

Google Paper Advertising


I received some direct mail from Google yesterday. Now, I know I shouldn’t be surprised (I mean, Google must be closest thing to Big Brother so far) but frankly it did come as a surprise. I guess I never really thought Google would stray from their online model.I wonder how successful this move (ie to paper advertising) will be. Obviously direct marketing is a lot more expensive than online...