VFP: Please keep VFP a secret


I’d like to request that Microsoft keep VFP a secret. Unfortunately it has been getting a little bit of press with a mention in this eWeek article. The danger I see is that more and more developers may start using VFP for its great data handling features (to name but one). And with that, we existing VFP developers will lose a significant competitive advantage.
No, I’d prefer VFP was kept under wraps so that only us lucky few can continue to benefit.

I say this after an awesome night at the Sydney VFP User group earlier (in fact probably the best UG meeting we’ve had so far). We had presentations on calling VFP COM objects from SQL Server and Crystal Reports, plus a complete PDA framework overview with VFP. Amazing. We certainly have some very clever guys in Sydney. And VFP makes it all too easy. Please keep this quiet before everyone starts using it.


By Craig Bailey