VFP: The FoxPro Show


Boy am I glad to hear that the FoxPro Show is still on the air. I spent last night dreaming up ideas for how I was going to get the entire Fox community to pressure (ie ‘encourage’) Andrew MacNeill to get it back on line. Turns out it was a small accident, but I’m glad it happened because it prompted me to write the following note…

It occurred to me that I had seen very little support for the show from people (myself included) – but perhaps I’ve just missed those blog posts… So let me voice my support for the show here. I think it is a wonderful resource and I greatly value the time Andrew puts into preparing it. Here’s my top 3 resons why you should be listening to it:

1. The host is technically knowledgeable (he’s not just an observer) – he digs deep into VFP and the 3rd party tools he mentions

2. The host is very balanced – (in my opinion) his opinions are not swayed by excessive emotion or ego, and he carefully brings various technologies into proper perspective

3. The interviews are informative and helpful (and not guided to a predetermined point).

On that last point I have to say a big thank you to Andrew for his interviews with Will Sanders. To be honest (and to my shame) I had not even looked at www.dotnetconversions.com because I thought it was about converting from VFP to something else rather than what it actually is -> converting to VFP from failed other projects.

We now have everyone at Talman listening to the Fox show and I’ve been plugging it at the Sydney VFP UG. (Embarrassingly it wasn’t on my VFP Resource post at the time of posting – it is now)

And, it has been an inspiration for a local offering later this year.

So, thank you Andrew, keep up the excellent work. It is greatly appreciated.


By Craig Bailey