Since returning from overseas I have been gradually building up my TinTin collection (as mentioned here). Turns out it was cheaper to buy them all new than it was to get them on EBay (after taking shipping into account). I keep hearing rumours of a TinTin movie coming out, but nothing concrete yet. I can’t wait for a proper movie to come out, but I do worry it will start a TinTin hair style craze – please no…

By the way, I’ve started prefixing my subjects with a key word (eg VFP: PERSONAL: NET: LINK:) This is primarily because I was thinking of moving my personal stuff to a separate blog but decided against it. Rather, to readers interested only in VFP stuff you can easily ignore posts marked PERSONAL: (Think of it like categories)

I am going to start linking to more stuff to build the community support for things but will prefix these with LINK: I know how annoying it is to read 10 different blog posts pointing to Ken Levy’s letter for example, but on the other hand it is important that these things are picked up in the search engines and the community etc. So if you see a post with LINK: you can probably ignore it if you are reasonably well informed already…


By Craig Bailey