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A change of scenery

It’s been a little while since I posted here, so I thought I’d mention that I’ve been blogging over on Tech Repeater lately (RSS feed here). It hit the 50 posts milestone today, so I thought it might perhaps be of interest. It’s mostly a fun side thing for now, although I do have some business related plans for it later in the year. Tech Repeater is more general than this blog, and is best summed...

The Twitter Popularity Contest

I’ve been wondering what’s next after Twitter. Where are all the cool kids heading these days? After all, it has become so mainstream now that the inevitable transformation from intimate community to marketing broadcast is all but complete. The vibe on Twitter has changed. Yes I know, that’s what the Un-follow option is for, but that doesn’t stop the fact that Twitter has changed. And for me, I...

Microsoft Oxite coverage

Microsoft released Oxite last week, and it garnered a lot of press (most of it enthusiastic). The Oxite story is pretty nice, as it delivers a very simple CMS/blogging tool, and as bonus it is ASP.NET MVC based, giving .NET developers a good chance to get into understanding MVC in a useful sample manner. However, you need to be aware that this is a beta version at best, and not to be rushing it...

Facebook statistics

Nick Ellery’s post alerted me to the incredible Facebook statistics (about half way down the article) that are (probably) driving them into the ground. Here’s a taste: 300,000 images are uploaded to Facebook every second. How do you pay for the infrastructure that supports that? Or a trillion page views per year. That’s serious load. How do you finance it? Advertising? Yeah, right. Whilst...

Two little things

Andrew Coates on Facebook
If you are on Facebook, and haven’t already, please join the ‘Convince Andrew Coates to join Facebook’ group. We need 250 by this Friday afternoon. Click here to join.
TechEd Windows app for checking sessions :  What’s on Now?
Here’s the little Windows app I use for checking what sessions are currently on. It’s very simple.
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OPINION: On Twitter and the death of blogging

When I first heard Jason Calacanis’ announcement about retiring from blogging last week I thought (like many) it was a joke. After all, he’s had considerable involvement in blogs over the years (cofounder of Weblogs Inc, etc). And leaving blogs to go to… email – well hello? But no, it seems he’s serious, so it made me stop and think. Perhaps, he’s on to something. Personally I’ve noticed that my...

Twitter versus Blogs

I find it interesting that the more time I spend on Twitter, the less time I spend directly reading and writing blogs. The reason for this (besides the obvious time factor) is that I am finding more and more that most things I need to know are alerted to me via Twitter. This isn’t to say I won’t be reading and writing blogs anymore, but I’m noticing a marked decrease. Joining...

.NET OpenID project chugs away

There’s a lot of noise about OpenID (it’s great, we can’t live without it, it’s safer, it’s the future, etc, etc) but very little actually happening (in terms of real adoption). TechCrunch has had a few thought provoking posts on the matter – decide for yourself whether OpenID has become little more than a marketing tool. But if you’re interested in...

A little birdie told me

I’m only a Twitter newbie (ie less than 1000 tweets), so I haven’t yet tried to convert anyone over to it… but that said, I’ll happily point you to a post like this one from TechCrunch. The value in Twitter for me is simply this: immediacy of information. In a few months I’ll elaborate a little more (when I perhaps have some credibility in the Tweetosphere)...

THOUGHT: When will recruiters take to Twitter?

These days it seems the best indication of when a particular social media source has reached it’s used by date is when recruiters are using it more than your ‘real’ connections :-) Take LinkedIn for example. A year ago, this was a valuable tool, allowing us all to connect to business associates. These days, all I seem to get is requests to connect with recruiters, and poorly...

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