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MADNESS: I finally understand Ads

I’ve been scratching my head trying to work out why Facebook’s recent announcement about the Ad delivery is soooo important. In fact for months (years?) now I’ve been wondering what the fuss about online ads is? After all, who ever sees any of these ads? Turns out lots of people. Probably most people. You see, I hardly ever see ads. I don’t know whether it is IE natively...

Google’s OpenSocial

Old news now of course :-) but surely the most devastating/interesting/wonderful technology announcement this year. Scoble has a round up of all the best bits on the new Google OpenSocial API that every social networking site on the planet is signing up to. Open Social is available here. Plaxo, Ning, MySpace, Beebo, Six Apart, Orkut, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Friendster, Oracle, Engage, the list goes...

Facebook security and identity theft

Identity theft is nothing new but from the recent articles on Facebook security holes (example) you'd think it was a whole new danger unleashed on the globe. The good thing about all the press it gets is that it is now mainstream thinking to be wary of putting any personal information on sites (wherever they are hosted – Facebook, Microsoft, Google, etc). Thus, to reiterate, you should...

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