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Twitter versus Blogs

I find it interesting that the more time I spend on Twitter, the less time I spend directly reading and writing blogs. The reason for this (besides the obvious time factor) is that I am finding more and more that most things I need to know are alerted to me via Twitter. This isn’t to say I won’t be reading and writing blogs anymore, but I’m noticing a marked decrease. Joining...

.NET OpenID project chugs away

There’s a lot of noise about OpenID (it’s great, we can’t live without it, it’s safer, it’s the future, etc, etc) but very little actually happening (in terms of real adoption). TechCrunch has had a few thought provoking posts on the matter – decide for yourself whether OpenID has become little more than a marketing tool. But if you’re interested in...

A little birdie told me

I’m only a Twitter newbie (ie less than 1000 tweets), so I haven’t yet tried to convert anyone over to it… but that said, I’ll happily point you to a post like this one from TechCrunch. The value in Twitter for me is simply this: immediacy of information. In a few months I’ll elaborate a little more (when I perhaps have some credibility in the Tweetosphere)...

THOUGHT: When will recruiters take to Twitter?

These days it seems the best indication of when a particular social media source has reached it’s used by date is when recruiters are using it more than your ‘real’ connections :-) Take LinkedIn for example. A year ago, this was a valuable tool, allowing us all to connect to business associates. These days, all I seem to get is requests to connect with recruiters, and poorly...

New version of OutTwit released

For all those people using OutTwit as your Twitter client (it basically brings Twitter into Outlook), you’ll be interested I’m sure to get the latest version (released yesterday). The best things about this release ( is that it pulls in all your replies. So, even if you’re offline for a few hours, once you reconnect it pulls in the replies that you would have otherwise...

Gangs using Social Networking to recruit

Yes, there are dangers to social networking, and this report outlining how gangs are targeting kids via social networking platforms is another to add to the list.
(via the Freakonomics blog)
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Mesh networks coming to Sydney

Last year the wonderful Laurel Papworth blew us away at SBTUG with a presentation on Social networking. In the course of her presentation she mentioned the whole mesh network concept (eg Meraki). I truly had tingles down my spine when I heard about the concept. Thanks to Laurel for this post in which she highlights the news of mesh networks coming to Sydney real soon. See Technorati Tags: Mesh...

Going back through my IE Favourites

Perhaps you're like me and find all these interesting things and then forget to investigate further. They get tucked into a Favourites Tab Group folder and forgotten about until a rainy Sunday afternoon (literally). In my next few posts I'm go to clear out my 'must check that out later favourites folders' and link to stuff that was interesting (some date back to Sep 07 – ye...

MySpace comes up with a great idea – build a Developer platform

Here's an idea… if you have a Social Networking site, why not build an API that allows developers to build applications for it? Brilliant. MySpace certainly is leading the field with this revolutionary idea. Oh hang on, that's right, Facebook did that 8 months ago and now has over 15,000 apps built by devs. Hmmmm, 8 months is an eternity in social networking time-frames, I wonder if...

Facebook ‘Crush’ virus

Laurel Papworth alerted me to this little nasty. Beware of any Facebook apps claiming to inform you of users that have a crush on you… yeah right, as if you'd fall for anything like that :-)
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