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Oxite - Microsoft open source CMSMicrosoft released Oxite last week, and it garnered a lot of press (most of it enthusiastic). The Oxite story is pretty nice, as it delivers a very simple CMS/blogging tool, and as bonus it is ASP.NET MVC based, giving .NET developers a good chance to get into understanding MVC in a useful sample manner.

However, you need to be aware that this is a beta version at best, and not to be rushing it into a production setting. Rob Conery has a good rundown of the issues that the release faces, and finishes with this recommendation:

To make it clear – I’d recommend waiting until the design issues are fixed before you download the tool and use it, period. (Source: Rob Conery)

This is good to know, because from some of the reports it first received you’d think Oxite was a mature platform ready to take on the incumbent (ie WordPress). We should probably wait a little before getting too excited…

However, the MIX Online site is powered by Oxite, and they have fixed some of the identified issues already, so there’s at least one big name site running on it.

You can download it on CodePlex here.

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By Craig Bailey