FACEBOOK: Is no more


Brace yourselves kiddies, because the rash of lame link-bait post titles like the one above has started.

For those not on Facebook, this will be meaningless, but for those who are, then you’ll have noticed that the mandatory ‘is’ from the status updates was removed* earlier this week. Yay! No more having to use ‘is’ on all your updates. We can rest easy now.

INSERT non-sequitur…

No one really refers to their parents as cool I guess. But I have to say that in the spectrum of parent coolness, mine are probably on the cool side. After all, they read my blog (Hi Mum!) and also my wife’s. They even leave comments. *gasp*

So, the only real hurdle left to them attaining ‘coolness’ is to join Facebook. Why join? Well, the main reason I’d recommend it for them is in order to follow the status updates. It’s probably the easiest way for them to know what I’m up to… (I mean who uses that old fashioned device called the telephone these days?)

So, mum and dad, if you are reading this, then I recommend you sign up. Go here to join.

My only word of advice: don’t use your real date of birth (I never do on social networking sites) and once signed in set your privacy settings to ‘Only my friends’.

Then go here and add me as a friend.


*I wonder how much the ‘is‘ change cost in development time and rollout. No, seriously. It has been so long in coming, I really would like to know how the change was planned, developed and rolled out. And the dollar figure associated with it. I’m serious. I think it’d be interesting. The cost of software development these days is getting higher and higher, with all the implementation and deployment contingencies that need to be catered for. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this little ‘enhancement’ cost in the tens of thousands…


By Craig Bailey