Going back through my IE Favourites


Perhaps you're like me and find all these interesting things and then forget to investigate further. They get tucked into a Favourites Tab Group folder and forgotten about until a rainy Sunday afternoon (literally).

In my next few posts I'm go to clear out my 'must check that out later favourites folders' and link to stuff that was interesting (some date back to Sep 07 – ye gads!).

Flock – The Social Web Browser – see also a Newbie's Guide to Flock

There's No Money In The Long Tail of the Blogosphere

Interesting post – summary: you can't make money from a blog unless a LOT of people read it. My question: Did anyone ever think otherwise?

Newbie's guide to Twitter

I wish I'd read this 6 months ago. See also Catherine Eibner's excellent post on Twitter from last week.

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