Well played Twitter, well played


Twitter’s ‘strategy statement’ update last week really got the twitterverse going apeshit.

But I suspect it was all a cleverly concocted distraction to divert journalists away from the much more obvious message: ie Twitter has no idea how they are ever going to make a profit.

Here’s the internal discussion that probably transpired:
“We need to craft a message so laughable it distracts everyone from our real failings”
“Start with that Dilbert Mission Statement Generator”
“That’s a good start, but not silly enough”
“Add something about platforms”
“And now about products
“And now make it longer – at least more than the maximum Twitter length – that will be sure to cop a bit of flack”
“OK, it’s looking pretty good now…”
“Just one more tweak to make it really laughable: add the word ‘world’ a third time. If that doesn’t get everyone up in arms, then I don’t know what will”
“Release that, and let’s see how our stock price goes. If we manage to limit the price fall to less than 10%, we can chalk this up as win.”

Mission Accomplished.
(Twitter stock is up almost 5 percent as I write this.)

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By Craig Bailey