Social engagement


How many highly effective leaders do you know that manage their own social profiles?

Working with marketing managers, we are increasingly seeing the marketing department managing the personal social profiles (eg LinkedIn) of their company leaders (eg CEO). And often, someone junior in the marketing team.

They post on their behalf, engage, and even answer DMs on their behalf.

And yes, I’m referring to their personal profiles – not just the company pages.

Which begs the question – if our clients are doing it for their bosses, how many other companies are doing it. And extrapolating further, how much of the ‘engagement’ you see from people on LinkedIn is actually them?

It’s possible we are heading to a place where LinkedIn is just a bunch of interns all interacting with each other using their bosses profiles…

To come back to my opening question – most highly effective leaders I know are too busy doing important work – they don’t have time for the fluff that counts as ‘engagement’ on social.

Remember this next time you are spending a ton of money on ads.

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By Craig Bailey