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Tim McDonald | The Cheap Seats

Whether you’re an Anthony Albanese fan or not, this interview by Tim McDonald is a masterclass in how to prepare, engage and cover (for a distracting co-host) when talking with a world leader (like it or not Albo is our country’s leader on the world stage). The interview coverage has been hijacked by the cohost’s antics (including dropping the F-bomb), which is a shame. Because...

What Do We Value?

One quick answer: can we see it? And does seeing it invoke an emotional response? Trying to get to the bottom of what clients perceive as valuable is challenging, but I’ve started to realise an important part is whether they can see it. Whether they can point at it. Whether they can easily show it to others. A few examples to highlight the differences: Improving the efficiency of a sales...

From Information to Insights

Information is plentiful, insight is not. We all produce a lot of information. But to be valuable and actionable we need to convert it into insights. The transformation usually follows this path: Information => Knowledge => Insights Let’s start with some simple descriptions and then an example to understand the process. Information is essentially data. It can be observations...

Language Devices

Remember when conversations with potential suppliers were… conversations. Where they were actually interested in your problem and confirming they were a fit for providing a solution. Ahhh yes, the good old days (of 0% interest). Perhaps it’s because nobody cares about the customer anymore, or perhaps it’s lack of training, but most calls these days aren’t conversations...

Alex Hormozi Leads Course

If you’re an Alex Hormozi fan then you’ve likely watched (or even attended) his massive book launch last weekend.

In it he launched his new book: $100M Leads as well as a massive free course covering everything to do with lead generation. It’s well worth watching.

Start with his book launch recap.

They Ask, You Answer Summit APAC

My friends Moby, Tasha and Linda at Red Pandas are hosting the They Ask, You Answer Summit in Australia on 31 October 2023.

Marcus Sheridan will be flying down to be one of the speakers. Don’t miss this.

We’ve already booked our tickets. HubShots listeners can get a 50% discount on ticket prices by using code: hubshots

Email Tracking will soon be a thing of the past

The last few years have seen a crackdown on tracking activity across platforms, mostly with Apple leading the charge (eg their private relay release as well as IP blocking and email open rate blocking). We’ve seen services like Hey focus on this for years, and block any tracking pixels. To date, email open tracking has been the focus. This is all expanding though, with Apple’s...

The Law of Cause an Effect

Deliberate typo there.

Saw this in a book the other day where the author was explaining:

the Law of Cause and Effect (ie ‘and’)

but had mistyped it as:

the Law of Cause an Effect (ie ‘an’)

which I thought was so much better.

Yes, review what’s working. But importantly, take charge and cause more.

The 20/80 Rule

I used to ridicule people who focussed on small tweaks (eg skim milk instead of full fat) whilst seeming to ignore the big issues (eg they smoke 3 packs a day). But later I realised momentum is often incremental – we usually need to start small (focus on the 20%) to get confidence to attack the big (ie 80%) activities. Here’s another example that still gets ridiculed: highlighting the...