Scammers impersonating Cole Haan


Scammers continue to improve their processes.

The desired outcome is usually the same: get you to download malware

But the sophistication is growing.

Previously, agency owners would get sent cold emails inviting you to tender for some agency work (eg paid advertising for a big brand). The cold email would include a link to a ‘Presentation Deck’ explaining the brief and the requirements for tendering.

Easy to spot and ignore.

Now they get a little more cunning.

Here’s an example.

We received an enquiry through our site, asking about our paid advertising services. The form submit included an overview of the project and included a likely domain related to the brand.

Our automated thank you email went out saying we’d be in touch.

We got a personal response from them.

I emailed them to say we don’t provide paid advertising services.

They replied with further details about the project, including a link (that I assume is a malware link).

Scam email

At that point I realise it’s a scam.

And kick myself for not realising earlier.

The WhatsApp number, the hyphenated email address, using the CEO title in the name, the fact that they’d emailed me previously – all red flags I should have spotted right away. Duh!

We’re all tired and have too many things to do each day. If I’d received this last thing in the day – when my energy is depleted – it’s possible I might have clicked it.

Stay vigilant folks.

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By Craig Bailey