The Ultimate List of Ultimate Guides

We all know HubSpot is a content machine – so impressive on so many levels.

Here’s an example of how they’re completely dominating the ‘ultimate guide’ space:

They are #crushingit (that one’s for you Daniel).

HubSpot and Privacy

Interesting to see that HubSpot is removing location tracking in its Activity feed. Here’s their reasoning: “While email tracking can prevent over-emailing and help you time your follow-up in a relevant way, the location data attached to that tracking did not add enough value to either the user or the end-customer-experience.” Although their post mentions ‘not enough...

HubShots 165: Diving into HubSpot’s Drag and Drop email editor

Episode 165 of HubShots, the Unofficial Down Under HubSpot Podcast :-), is out. Ian and I chat about the pros and cons of the new drag and drop email editor. The summary is: it’s very simple and enjoyable to usebut with simplicity comes limitationincluding not being able to add CTAs (but we go through a workaround to enable this)and not being able to change things like line height Overall...

HubSpot’s Free Email with CRM play

“Thank you MailChimp, we’ll take your wonderful freemium model with email – that has worked so well for you for the last decade and you recently decided to discontinue – and slot it nicely into our CRM.” That, I imagine is what went through a number of people’s minds when HubSpot announced their (also wonderful) freemium email model now available* in HubSpot...

Grow with HubSpot Event in Sydney

HubSpot runs a bunch of events around the country each year (I’m specifically thinking of Australia, but it’s likely true in most countries).  If you’re in Sydney, you may be interested in their next event. It’s on Tuesday 06 August, and you can get a 50% discount on tickets using this link. Would I recommend attending? I’ve thought about this a bit, and...

[Episode 73] Infuriating Signup Offers

Ever responded to a promotion of a free trial only to find out they then ask for your credit card? Infuriating right?
In episode 73 of HubShots I highlight a recent experience, plus review some of the new HubSpot features including the new ShutterStock integration – sweet!

HubShots Chat Bot

We released a very simple Facebook chat bot for the HubShots podcast.
You can chat with HubShots Bot here.
The bot is built in Chatfuel, and thanks to Matt Barby for his post here giving an introduction.

Content repurposing

Episode 71 of HubShots is up – in it we chat about content repurposing, and in particular:

three HubSpot tips for identifying content on  your site that is working well
an overview of different formats to repurpose to
two key ideas for syndicating repurposed content on

Plus I have a rant about popups.

Setting HubSpot Owner on contact records

The HubSpot Owner field on a contact is quite important – with it in place you can trigger workflows, set notifications and include personalised signatures in emails, amongst other things. But what if your database has a ton of contacts without the Owner set. Here’s a few quick ways to get them updated. From the Marketing side, make a smart list of all the contacts who don’t...

Kipp Bodnar on Marketing team structure

A useful read for marketing managers structuring their teams. Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot, notes how he’s re-structuring their teams based on changing needs: The goal isn’t to find a perfect org structure. Instead, find a structure that is right for right now, one that reflects what you are currently prioritizing — and deprioritizing — and sets you up to leverage your current growth...

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