Using INBOUND as a sign post for what HubSpot is hearing from the market


It’s easy to think that what you do in your own business is typical for other businesses.

For example, we’ve incorporated AI tools into all our company processes – planning, ideation, content creation, imagery, video, emails, summarising, etc. We consider it normal – similar to how we use spell check or grammar checker tools.

But that’s not the case for most businesses.

To pick a simple example: Everyone knows about ChatGPT, but hardly anyone uses it for more than a few tests here and there. There’s no depth to its use within a company, and there’s likely no other tools being used (eg Midjourney for imagery).

That’s where the INBOUND keynotes (Dharmesh, Yamini, Andy), and HubSpot’s product focus on AI is illuminating. 

HubSpot was careful to explain the context for AI, explain what AI is, what the opportunity is (and the trends), and how to use it in their product range.

To me this is an interesting signpost. It indicates that the feedback HubSpot is getting from the market is that although everyone’s heard of AI, few actually understand it or use it. HubSpot is trying to unlock AI usage in a simple, useful way.

Takeaway: If you use AI in your business process currently, you’re probably still in the minority. Most probably aren’t, and there’s an opportunity to start with the basics. It might feel like you are dumbing it down, but that’s actually what’s valuable now.

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By Craig Bailey