Reduce Hard Bounce Rates by Sending More Emails


This is one of those dumb ‘tips’ that is actually something you should consider – to get around HubSpot’s hard bounce rate rules.

My thanks to Adam at FGM for highlighting this one to me.

HubSpot’s marketing emails have limits around bounce rates and spam rates – and if you exceed those limits you’ll potentially see your account suspended. I know, crazy.

But here’s the thing – their limits aren’t based on the total number bounce occurrences (or spam), instead they are based on % rates.

So, consider a typical churn rate of your contact base over the course of a year. 

Let’s assume you have 100 contacts and average churn is 24% over the year. 

This means 24 contacts will move on and their email address return a hard bounce.

Over the course of the year that’s 2 per month.

So if you send a newsletter email every month, your bounce rate will be 2% (ie 2 out of the 100) – which is acceptable. Just.

But send a newsletter quarterly, and your bounce rate jumps to 6% (ie 6 out of the 100) – which could have your account flagged.

Which is silly really. You’ve likely only sent quarterly because you are focussing on value. But by moving to monthly, and likely reducing the quality, you’ve reduced the chance of your account having issues.

Summary: send more emails

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By Craig Bailey