HubSpot Deal Workflows: Quick Tip

The Sydney HubSpot User Group (HUG) is on tomorrow night (details here).

I’ll be giving the HubSpot Tip of the Night – a quick 5 minute tip for using HubSpot.

The tip covers how to use HubSpot Deal Workflows to send internal notification emails, SMS, tasks and Slack updates.

Here’s a video of the tip (starts around 01:20):

Initial thoughts on HubSpot Landing Pages in HubSpot Marketing Starter

HubSpot has added a cut-down version of Landing Pages in their HubSpot Marketing Starter version. This went live on 01 November. I’ve started playing with it, and have collected a few initial thoughts here. I’ll update it as I learn more (or am corrected on any points). The Good The things I really like are: very simple to use (similar user experience to their Drag and Drop email...

HubShots 175: Contact Cleanliness

In episode 175, Ian and I chat about keeping your contact database clean.

Includes the new HubSpot feature for finding all hard bounced contacts, plus chatting through using Neverbounce to cleanse your contacts.

HubSpot post on chatbot strategy

Sometimes I worry about posts like this from HubSpot. The opening sentence references Gartner predicting that by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their enterprise relationships without interacting with a human… Interesting stat. Turns out it is from a brochure for a Gartner event in 2011: Which is not to say it isn’t true and accurate… perhaps it still is. But I’d love to...

HubShots 172: Sales workflows, clean lists, persona challenges, billboards

HubShots episode 172 is now available – originally posted here. This episode we chat through sales workflows, keeping contact lists clean, challenges with personas, plus advertising on billboards. Listen to the episode here: HubShots, the podcast for marketing managers and sales professionals who use HubSpot, hosted by Ian Jacob from Search & Be Found and Craig Bailey from XEN Systems...

HubShots 168: HubSpot Attribution

In episode 168 of HubShots, Ian and I chat through what attribution means in terms of marketing. Turns out it means different things to people. Here’s a few different ways people think of attribution: the HubSpot timelinethe HubSpot Sources Reportthe HubSpot Attribution reportthe Google Analytics channels report These are all correct in their own context. For some enterprises though...

HubSpot versus MailChimp

In episode 166 of HubShots – the HubSpot focussed podcast for marketing managers – Ian and I chat about HubSpot’s announcement about adding even more features to their free version. This time it’s email sending capabilities. For free.

Yes, great news right? In the show we think through how this compares to MailChimp’s revamped approach.

Podcast thinking

Seth encourages you to start a podcast. Now is the time. Of his reasons, the third is the compelling one for me: A podcast helps you think more clearly. When you know you need to talk about something you care about, you’ll work to make your thinking more accessible and cogent–and because it’s spoken, not written, you may very well get past that block we were taught in third grade. When Ian and I...

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