HubShots 305

Ian and I have released our final episode for the year, you can watch it here and read the full show notes here. This episode we dive into: Preparing for a Fast Start in 2024 Quick shots (Loom, Clearbit acquisitions) Active lists of non-marketing contacts who used to be marketing contacts How to build a list of ZoomInfo contacts Adding images in meetings in the HubSpot app Using LinkedIn Sales...

Automation shouldn’t add new stuff, it should first automate existing manual processes

In the HubShots Framework, Stage 3 is focussed on automation in HubSpot. That is, automating as many processes as appropriate. The key word to note here is: appropriate. Many companies try to add completely new stuff using automation, before they’ve even automated their existing manual processes The trap they fall into is automating a bunch of processes that add little value (eg mass spamming) to...

HubSpot versus Salesforce

In this post: HubSpot partners making bold claims about HubSpot versus Salesforce Business sophistication (not size) is the key Salesforce clarity HubSpot’s direction A reasonable response Footnotes (including HubSpot gaps) Bold claims I’ve been a little puzzled by some of the posts I’ve seen on LinkedIn, over the last year or so, by HubSpot Partners making comparisons between...

HubSpot and Clearbit

HubSpot announced they are acquiring Clearbit.

Makes perfect sense.

And fits in beautifully as part of the CRM puzzle I wrote about here. Ian and I also chatted about it here on our YouTube show.

Really looking forward to this being so seamless.

Here’s the part of the show where Ian and I chat about it (53:55 mark):

Fighting over scraps

Two thoughts [1] SME definition In Australia, the definition of an SME (or small-medium enterprise) is: 1-200 employees. SMEs: make up 98% of all business produce 33% of total GDP employ 4.7M people are 90% of all goods exporters are 60% of all services exporters The ABS further highlights: approx 200,000 businesses with revenue > $2M close to 100,000 of those have revenue > $5M [2] HubSpot...

HubShots Episode 304 Summary

I used the YouTube Digest extension (thanks to Allen for the recommendation) to summarise the latest episode of HubShots on YouTube, and here’s what it prepared (I was impressed): Customer Perspective 00:00 Customers may not be aware of or interested in company events like inbound conferences. Focus on providing value to customers and helping them provide value to their own customers...

What was useful from HubSpot’s annual event and product announcements?

Episode 304 of HubShots is out – in this monster episode (over an hour long) Ian and I chat through: HubSpot’s recent product announcements and what we can learn from them Is HubSpot a CRM or a Customer Platform? Campaign Assistant, now with added AI Prospecting tool benefits The Workflow cleanup feature is pretty handy Using WordPress and HubSpot CMS together HubSpot Guide Creator What...

Reduce Hard Bounce Rates by Sending More Emails

This is one of those dumb ‘tips’ that is actually something you should consider – to get around HubSpot’s hard bounce rate rules. My thanks to Adam at FGM for highlighting this one to me. HubSpot’s marketing emails have limits around bounce rates and spam rates – and if you exceed those limits you’ll potentially see your account suspended. I know, crazy. But here’s the thing –...

Is HubSpot a CRM or a Customer Platform?

An interesting nugget to consider from INBOUND is the messaging HubSpot is testing in market.

HubSpot is a CRM Platform… (from their home page):

HubSpot is a Customer Platform… (from their internal page):

There’s some confusion here to be sure, but it’s also fascinating to see how quickly they roll out and test new messaging.