HubSpot’s CRM Puzzle

Imagine this (Scenario 1) You’re a sales rep. You log into HubSpot and go to the Contacts view: You click a button in the top right labelled ‘Import New Leads’ You are taken to a screen where you set a number of criteria, including job titles, seniority, location, company size, annual revenue, industry, etc You are shown a list of contacts to select from. Additional criteria is...

HubSpot Guide Creator

Handy little tool that HubSpot is providing (or at least testing): Guide Creator

Limited to 10 guides per portal at the moment, which seems crazy, but probably indicative that they’re just testing the idea initially.

HubSpot Temporary Domain redirects beautifully when going live

One of the things I really like about using HubSpot CMS Hub is you can easily build a full site on the temporary HubSpot domain before going live. And then when going live you simply add the domain into HubSpot and point the DNS, and HubSpot takes care of the rest. HubSpot automatically updates all the page URLs to use the live domain, including things like updating links in menus and CTAs, form...

HubShots 283: HubSpot Top Tips August 2022 Edition

After an (unintended) 6 week break*, Ian and I are back with a new episode of HubShots – our HubSpot focussed podcast (and now YouTube show). This episode we discuss: Incremental Growth List Layouts Email Subscription Types Frequency versus Relevancy in your email strategy Update a Contact when they’ve left a company Automatically Re-Open a Closed ticket when a customer replies (to a...

HubShots 270

We’re back after a nice break. Episode 270 is our first for 2022 and focuses on efficiency and effectiveness with HubSpot. Ian and I chat through a bunch of tips and topics including: Thoughts for 2022Having perspective and avoiding distractionEfficiency and Effectiveness with HubSpotUsing Version history on pages and emails to roll back to previous versionsAttribution reporting in...

Get Better Soon

I loved this tweet: Bought a ‘Get Better Soon’ card for a colleague. Not sick, just think they can do better.— Emergency&BushfireKits (@EmergencyBK) December 26, 2021 In case the embed code ever stops working, here’s the text of the tweet: “Bought a ‘Get Better Soon’ card for a colleague. Not sick, just think they can do better.” Made me laugh. Made me...

HubSpot Serverless Functions

Ian and I chat about this in Shot 2 of HubShots 200. HubSpot Serverless functions are a way to write Javascript functions in HubSpot to interact with both HubSpot objects (eg HubDb table or contact object) as well as other systems (eg writing out to an external platform. Simple example – you can’t write to HubDb from HubL or via a Workflow. Instead you would use serverless...

We made it to 200

We made it to episode 200 of HubShots – the HubSpot focussed podcast I co-host with Ian Jacob.

In this episode we reflect on the last 4+ years of HubSpot as well as marketing and sales in general.

I hope you enjoy it – thanks for your support, and here’s to another 200.

And I’m especially thankful to Ian for suggesting it back in 2015, and forcing me to give it a go.

HubSpot Deal Workflows: Quick Tip

The Sydney HubSpot User Group (HUG) is on tomorrow night (details here).

I’ll be giving the HubSpot Tip of the Night – a quick 5 minute tip for using HubSpot.

The tip covers how to use HubSpot Deal Workflows to send internal notification emails, SMS, tasks and Slack updates.

Here’s a video of the tip (starts around 01:20):