Misleading statistics

Just received a newsletter from someone I follow (and admire). The subject line was: Improving my sales conversion by 39.7% Like the sucker I am, I dived in, keen for the learnings… Here’s what the results were based on: 301 page views, across two variations (yes, that’s just 150 page views on each) One had 6 conversions The other had 8 conversions That’s it! This is such...

Any 13 year old could do that

Saw a post on Threads lamenting how non-marketers often underestimate just how hard marketing is – in the post the activity in focus was social media management. Here’s the post: Every so often, one of my posts about the struggles social media managers face will make its way outside of marketing circles and I’ll get replies like “How is posting on social media a real job...

Strategy for Show

Seeing a number of small to mid-size companies rolling out ‘initiatives’ purely for show. Usually driven by people within the company feeling the need to be seen ‘doing something new’… Digital transformation projects are a good way to disguise this. As are branding projects. Why? Because the easiest way to be seen to be doing something is for it to be easy to point to eg new website, new...

Paying for Subscriptions

There’s always outrage over Elon’s latest ‘idea’ for Twitter/X, and his recent $1 charge for users to post is no exception. Not that I think it’s a particularly good idea, but I’m surprised at how much pushback paying for something gets, usually along the lines of: “I will never pay a subscription just to use a social platform – it’s outrageous they...

Scammers impersonating Cole Haan

Scammers continue to improve their processes. The desired outcome is usually the same: get you to download malware But the sophistication is growing. Previously, agency owners would get sent cold emails inviting you to tender for some agency work (eg paid advertising for a big brand). The cold email would include a link to a ‘Presentation Deck’ explaining the brief and the...

People I read and follow

So much content to choose from… here’s a few I read everything from:

Newsletters I read (and pay for):

Stratechery (paying customer since July 2014)

Benedict Evans (paying customer for years)

Blogs I read:

Daring Fireball (John Gruber)

David C Baker

No Mercy No Malice (Scott Galloway)

People I follow:

Dare Obasanjo

Benedict Evans

Alex Hormozi

Tim McDonald | The Cheap Seats

Whether you’re an Anthony Albanese fan or not, this interview by Tim McDonald is a masterclass in how to prepare, engage and cover (for a distracting co-host) when talking with a world leader (like it or not Albo is our country’s leader on the world stage). The interview coverage has been hijacked by the cohost’s antics (including dropping the F-bomb), which is a shame. Because...

What Do We Value?

One quick answer: can we see it? And does seeing it invoke an emotional response? Trying to get to the bottom of what clients perceive as valuable is challenging, but I’ve started to realise an important part is whether they can see it. Whether they can point at it. Whether they can easily show it to others. A few examples to highlight the differences: Improving the efficiency of a sales...

From Information to Insights

Information is plentiful, insight is not. We all produce a lot of information. But to be valuable and actionable we need to convert it into insights. The transformation usually follows this path: Information => Knowledge => Insights Let’s start with some simple descriptions and then an example to understand the process. Information is essentially data. It can be observations...

Language Devices

Remember when conversations with potential suppliers were… conversations. Where they were actually interested in your problem and confirming they were a fit for providing a solution. Ahhh yes, the good old days (of 0% interest). Perhaps it’s because nobody cares about the customer anymore, or perhaps it’s lack of training, but most calls these days aren’t conversations...