On the whole ‘un-gate all the things’ trend going on at the moment

You might have seen posts like this one from Drift where companies discuss their amazing new idea about un-gating content ie no more forms to be filled out in order to access ebooks and the like. There’s a follow up here, and then an discussion where other marketers chime in. A few thoughts: if this works for Drift, that’s great, but don’t assume it will work for you...

Facebook marketing tips

Thanks to Elissa Hudson and HubSpot for the latest post on the XEN blog. An excellent overview for any marketing managers thinking through their Facebook strategy.

Twitter’s Ad problem

From a re/code article last week: But Twitter isn’t novel anymore, and brands and agencies who want to play with a new shiny object can go to Snapchat. and then: …sales on Twitter’s own properties — see how it’s dropping faster than the rest of Twitter’s revenue, which includes its third-party ad network? That’s brand advertisers pulling away from Twitter faster than direct...

When Serious Issues are Co-opted for Marketing

It’s interesting to see how Verizon (a US telco*) have picked on a topical (and worthy) issue and co-opted it for their own marketing**. And gets positive press about it from the likes of HuffPo. A little while ago I would have been really cynical about these kinds of ads that basically take ‘serious issue’ topics and manipulate them into feel good, positive-by-association...