Reading long form on mobiles


Fascinating insights from Pew Research about the reading habits of mobile users.

In a study of 117M mobile interactions:

The analysis finds that despite the small screen space and multitasking often associated with cellphones, consumers do spend more time on average with long-form news articles than with short-form. Indeed, the total engaged time with articles 1,000 words or longer averages about twice that of the engaged time with short-form stories: 123 seconds compared with 57.

There’s a ton of interesting comparisons in the full article, but here’s just one little snippet about social channels:

While Facebook drives more traffic, Twitter tends to bring in people who spend more time with content. For longer content, users that arrive from Facebook spend an average of 107 seconds, compared with 133 seconds when they come from Twitter.

For anyone involved in content marketing this is yet more reason to ensure your sites are mobile friendly. (It seems strange that I’d have to mention this in the middle of 2016, but there’s still plenty of mobile unfriendly sites around – especially in mid-large companies).

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