Instagram is a news source apparently


Fascinating insights (as always) from Pew Research with this piece covering how social network users get their news.

If I were to ask you which social media platforms you thought most people got their news from what would you say?

Facebook – yes, of course
Twitter – you’d suspect so
LinkedIn – absolutely

That would be my three.

Here’s what the Pew Research survey found:

Pew Research finding

Yes, Reddit was the clear winner, then Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn was way down, just above Snapchat. Yes, Snapchat.

But perhaps most surprising of all (to me at least) was Instagram coming in there at number #5, ahead of both YouTube and LinkedIn. Instagram users user it as a news source.

Another reminder to always be wary of ‘going with your gut’ when it comes to marketing and social channels.

Don’t ever assume you know how others consume their news. Let data be your guide.

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