Keep this a secret. I don’t know why more people don’t use libraries. They are the biggest rort around. You get really cool, useful stuff for free. My wife put me onto this library thing about a year ago. Basically you go to the shops and check out what is new in the book stores. It could be the latest Robert Ludlum, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, whatever. Anything that catches your...

Stressful week

Thankfullness after a stressful week. I write this on a Sunday, following a stressful week of sorts. About two weeks ago my dad found out he had a cancerous lump (I won’t go into details) that required immediate attention. They booked him in for surgery the following Monday (which was last Monday 21 June). At the same time my grandma went into hospital with chest pains. So, on the day of...

Single Malt Scotch

Becoming a Scotch connoisseur. A few weeks back I borrowed a book from my brother in law on Single Malt Scotch (Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion) which is a fascinating read. I never thought a book about a drink would be so interesting. Anyway I have been so taken with the concept that I have decided to become a scotch drinker. And to make matters worse I am thinking of becoming one...

Newest niece

Meeting Jemma. My wife’s sister and husband are visiting from the US with their new 2 month old (their first, and the first grandchild for some grandparents). We had seen photos of this little bundle and she looked pretty cute, but we were a bit shocked at just how good looking this little baby is when we met her yesterday for the first time. She’s one of those dream babies –...

Visual FoxPro 9

Using Visual FoxPro 9 beta. I am a programmer and I have a job I love. One of the development tools we use is Microsoft Visual FoxPro, which excels at writing database software. I’ve been playing with the beta of the new version (v9 out in September) and I am really impressed. For a beta it is extremely stable. I ran a big system recompiled into 9 for a weekend and it didn’t fall over...

On energy, water and the environment

Water and energy Water OK, so in Sydney at the moment we have water restrictions. This means we can’t water our gardens between certain hours, and we need to have water savinf sprinkler systems etc. All good stuff. Currently our dams are below 50% capacity which is very scary – we haven’t been this low for a long time. Now my parents live on a farm up in Queensland, and they...

Why am I so lucky?

I can’t understand why I am so lucky.
I have everything I could ever want. I have the best wife, a great job, fantastic family, I live in a great city, the weather is warm and I get to relax and read the paper with a good coffee on the weekend.
In my job I get to play with the latest technology and work with a bunch of really smart people.
I am very thankful.

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