VFP: Office 2007 UX in VFP


The whole Office 2007 ribbon UX was getting a lot of discussion a year ago (Office 12 as it was then). Given that most people are pretty cool with the concept (see here if you aren’t familiar with the ribbon idea), then chances are that when it is finally released, we’ll see applications all jumping to get the Office 2007 look and feel. And great I say – I really like the new approach and can’t wait to use it.
So, wouldn’t it be good if we had this look available in our VFP applications sooner rather than later? I wonder if Alex Grigorjev over at ARG-Software Design Lab could put out a VFP version of the Offic 2007 menus. I love how he gave us the ability to put Whidbey style menus in our applications even before Visual Studio 2005 was released.
Ofcourse the main driver behind the ribbon approach is to ‘results driven’ in what is shown on the ‘menus’, and no dount many will just use the ribbon look and feel even if it doesn’t change the look of what they are currently working on. But again, I don’t mind – it all goes to perception…
Also, speaking of UX I caught this link over on UT (from Craig Berntson I think) which details the Vista UX guidelines. Early days (many of the topics are still to be written), but helpful none the less. My bet is we’ll see a lot of applications sporting a Vista look (especially icons and fonts) even when running on XP and 2003.
I’m looking forward to seeing what icons turn up on Foxpro.catalyst thanks to WildFire. As an aside (to this aside) I downloaded most of the awesome wallpapers from his site, and currently have Splendid Illusion as my desktop. Incredible.

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