VFP: Visual FoxPro Best practices eBook from Hentzenwerke


This is an important read for all Visual FoxPro dvelopers
I finally finished reading the ‘Visual FoxPro Best Practices for the next 10 Years’ ebook this weekend (it was released approx a month ago).
I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
As you probably know it came out of Whil’s recent Great Lakes Great Database Workshop 2006 and features articles on many area of best practice for Visual FoxPro developers.
Authors include: Rick Shummer, Marcia Akins, Andy Kramek, Tamar Granor, Barbara Peisch, Cathy Pountney, Nancy Folsom, Craig Berntson, Rick Borup and Doug Hennig, plus a few notes from Whil himself.
This is exactly the kind of material that we need to be reading and promoting. The days of ‘whip it together’ development are long gone; good design and best practice are now mandtory. This book is a substantial helper along that path (if you are still in the former category).
The ebook is over 400 pages and only available as PDF. It costs $75 for the download, less if you are a Premium UT member or a regular customer at Hentzenwerke.
I really hope Microsoft manages some kind of deal with Whil like they did with New in Nine to make it available online free. A spruce up of the format into CHM and nicer presentation would be great also (but obviously a lot of work would be required). But I can live with the clunky format when the content is this good.
Visual FoxPro programmers everywhere, you must read this book.

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