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Interesting to read through the speculation on this thread, related to the negative organic impact that has recently experienced. The post from Kamal (co-founder of Examine) is useful reading. These things happen. I’m somewhat heartened that Danny has replied here, but not overly hopeful. This situation is unfortunately a reality in the organic search space. It happens all the...

Learning SEO

Here’s an article about the best articles about learning SEO.

A link for you Kevin. You’re welcome.

Podcast exhaustion? Nope, probably just a link building post.

Oh the lols. This article in the NYT laments the oversupply of podcasts that launch and then fade. As noted on Twitter, it reads like an onion article. Here’s the thought in question: In 2016, Morgan Mandriota and Lester Lee, two freelance writers looking to grow their personal brands, decided to start a podcast. They called it “The Advice Podcast” and put about as much energy into the...

Hobo Link Building

Linking through to Shaun Anderson’s excellent link building post (updated yet again), because… well, it’s worth reading.

Google Featured Snippets

A good post from Moz covering some featured snippet testing they conducted. Featured snippets are predominantly paragraph snippets, although other formats (list and tables) are increasing. Here’s a quick takeaway for you: Key findings: Featured snippet paragraph lengths The optimal length of a featured snippet paragraph is roughly 40 to 50 words, or around 300 characters. Lots more to learn...

SEO predictions for 2017

I predict there’s going to be lots of prediction posts… Seriously though, amongst the click bait guff there’s a few good ones. Here’s one from Rand for instance. #8 is on the money in my opinion: #8: 2017 will be the year Google admits publicly they use engagement data as an input to their ranking systems, not just for training/learning The implications are clear: User...

Website engagement and Google rankings

Thought provoking article by Larry Kim about how Google may (or may not) use web site dwell time as an indirect ranking signal. Summary: there’s some correlation items, and personal viewpoints added, but nothing is concrete. That’s not to say it isn’t actionable – just thinking about how to improve your site engagement, and then implementing improvements, can only be a...

Local SEO Myths

A useful list from Joy Hawkins on some common local seo misconceptions. #4 is still the main misconception: that posting on Google+ will improve your rankings. This is no longer the case. I say ‘no longer’ because it is true that in the early days of G+ there was a benefit to updating your G+ profile. And that continued for a certain extent with G+ Authorship. But those days are long...

Search Results Ranking Based on Satisfaction?

An interesting find by Bill Slawski of a newly published Google patent: A newly published Google patent application describes technology that would modify scoring and ranking of query results using biometric indicators of user satisfaction or negative engagement with a search result. In other words; Google would track how satisfied or unsatisfied someone might be with search results, and using...

Link thinking

A common assumption made in the SEO world is that links are a key ranking factor (and they are). But Jon Cooper thinks through the assumption, with some useful thought-bytes from industry luminaries. (And BTW good to be reading a blog post from Jon again – it’s been a while.) From his conclusion: Tomorrow is not a guarantee. As we’ve seen, Google can move very quickly. With that said...

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