Podcast exhaustion? Nope, probably just a link building post.


Oh the lols.

This article in the NYT laments the oversupply of podcasts that launch and then fade.

As noted on Twitter, it reads like an onion article.

Here’s the thought in question:

In 2016, Morgan Mandriota and Lester Lee, two freelance writers looking to grow their personal brands, decided to start a podcast. They called it “The Advice Podcast” and put about as much energy into the show’s production as they did the name. (After all, no one was paying them for this. Yet.) Each week, the friends, neither of whom had professional experience dispensing advice, met in a free room at the local library and recorded themselves chatting with an iPhone 5.
“We assumed we’d be huge, have affiliate marketing deals and advertisements,” Ms. Mandriota said.
But six episodes in, when neither Casper mattresses nor MeUndies had come knocking, the friends quit. 


My guess: the person who wrote this article was really just using it as a link building post for a brand of undies. I’ve removed the link in the quote above – but check it out in the NYT article and it’s a full do follow link. Beautifully done.

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