Search Results Ranking Based on Satisfaction?


An interesting find by Bill Slawski of a newly published Google patent:

A newly published Google patent application describes technology that would modify scoring and ranking of query results using biometric indicators of user satisfaction or negative engagement with a search result. In other words; Google would track how satisfied or unsatisfied someone might be with search results, and using machine learning, build a model based upon that satisfaction, raising or lowering search results for a query. This kind of reaction might be captured using a camera on a searcher’s phone to see their reaction to a search result.

The immediate questions related to this are around how much access you’d give Google to look at your reactions…

But I wonder what our search tools will look like in a few years anyway – will we still be peering at a search result listing on our phone, or will bots and voice input have become more the norm by then?

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By Craig Bailey