SEO Myths

Wow, what a monster post by Barry Schwartz. I have to admit I’ve only read the first half… I haven’t actually got on to the actual myths yet.

More accurately, and perhaps more valuably, this is a post about understanding mental models and biases.

(And well done to SEMrush for snagging this one)

Google’s nofollow change

Google announced some changes to how it is treating nofollow in links.

Twitter of course has been busy discussing the changes.

Here’s a few articles worth reading:

Barry Schwartz on Search Engine RoundtableCyrus Shepard on Moz

Most importantly of course, how should we refer to it?

JP Sherman has the answer: #RELPOCALYPSE

Developer’s Guide to SEO by Ian Laurie

Excellent (final) article from Ian written for developers who want to include SEO in their planning, considerations and development.

A few notes:

The subfolder versus subdomain topic comes up again (and his advise is slightly different to what I’d say)Put videos on their own pages (I definitely agree with this one)


News spinning like 2005

This article from HuffPost about article spinning news sites is kinda bizarre – it’s like bad SEO from the mid-2000s all over again.

I’ll bet it started as a joke – after all they didn’t even use a decent synonym algorithm – and spiralled into success.

What’s old is new again.

SEO Myths

A good post from Databox outlining a ton of SEO myths.

The only one I’d quibble with is #40 – about hosting a blog on a subdomain (or even another domain). In the article they state that hosting a blog on a subdomain is a bad idea.

I’d simply counter this by saying that it hasn’t hurt HubSpot’s blog.

btw we covered this in depth in episode 157 of HubShots.

Google and SEO and

Interesting to read through the speculation on this thread, related to the negative organic impact that has recently experienced. The post from Kamal (co-founder of Examine) is useful reading. These things happen. I’m somewhat heartened that Danny has replied here, but not overly hopeful. This situation is unfortunately a reality in the organic search space. It happens all the...

Learning SEO

Here’s an article about the best articles about learning SEO.

A link for you Kevin. You’re welcome.

Podcast exhaustion? Nope, probably just a link building post.

Oh the lols. This article in the NYT laments the oversupply of podcasts that launch and then fade. As noted on Twitter, it reads like an onion article. Here’s the thought in question: In 2016, Morgan Mandriota and Lester Lee, two freelance writers looking to grow their personal brands, decided to start a podcast. They called it “The Advice Podcast” and put about as much energy into the...

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