HubShots Chat Bot

We released a very simple Facebook chat bot for the HubShots podcast.
You can chat with HubShots Bot here.
The bot is built in Chatfuel, and thanks to Matt Barby for his post here giving an introduction.

Content repurposing

Episode 71 of HubShots is up – in it we chat about content repurposing, and in particular:

three HubSpot tips for identifying content on  your site that is working well
an overview of different formats to repurpose to
two key ideas for syndicating repurposed content on

Plus I have a rant about popups.

Setting HubSpot Owner on contact records

The HubSpot Owner field on a contact is quite important – with it in place you can trigger workflows, set notifications and include personalised signatures in emails, amongst other things. But what if your database has a ton of contacts without the Owner set. Here’s a few quick ways to get them updated. From the Marketing side, make a smart list of all the contacts who don’t...

Kipp Bodnar on Marketing team structure

A useful read for marketing managers structuring their teams. Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot, notes how he’s re-structuring their teams based on changing needs: The goal isn’t to find a perfect org structure. Instead, find a structure that is right for right now, one that reflects what you are currently prioritizing — and deprioritizing — and sets you up to leverage your current...

HubSpot Ads Add-on finally worth using

I’ve been harsh on the HubSpot add-ons in the past. But the Ads add-on is *finally* worth investing in. It now supports Facebook Lead Ads, as well as Instagram. Which means that Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Advertising are now all pulled in and part of the reporting. And the kicker – ROI is now (optionally) calculated based on Deal values. ie this is real ROI being...

HubShots update

It’s been a little while since I mentioned HubShots, the podcast I co-host with Ian Jacob. Here’s a few recent items of interest you may have missed: in episode 32 we discussed chatbots in episode 31 we discussed the morality of ghostwriting in episode 30 we discussed going old school with Facebook page like campaigns in episode 29 we discussed inbound sales certification I’d...

HubShots – Aussie HubSpot Podcast

Lately I’ve been working on a new project with my friend Ian Jacob. Together we co-host a new HubSpot focussed podcast called HubShots. There’s 6 episodes available so far (and two more recorded and currently being edited). If you’re interested in inbound marketing, content marketing and HubSpot, then I think you’ll really like the podcast. We’re aiming for 30...

HubSpot is the Starbucks of Marketing

I had a realisation last night about HubSpot, my agency, and my mindset. I’m in Boston at the moment, attending Inbound 2015. The conference kicked off yesterday, and I spent most of it in agency training courses (my company is a HubSpot partner agency). We’ve been a HubSpot partner for approximately 2 years now, and although we love HubSpot, most of our clients are still non-HubSpot...

HubSpot APAC Tour NYC

I’ve just arrived in Boston for the HubSpot Inbound 2015 conference after spending the last 4 days in New York. Conferences can be funny things for me. My usual experience is it takes me a few days to warm up (ie for the introvert in me to thaw) and by then the conference is almost over. Just as I’m starting to get friendly, and positive, and motivated, it’s time to go. Which...

HubSpot Shenanigans

I’m in New York at the moment, for a HubSpot Asia Pacific meetup, before heading to Boston on Monday to attend Inbound 2015. It’s going to fun. But I can’t help wondering how many distractions there are going to be at the conference. Take for example the latest news on the Mike Volpe saga, now looking to be a federal investigation (yes, always good to FBI into the headline). The...