Setting HubSpot Owner on contact records

The HubSpot Owner field on a contact is quite important – with it in place you can trigger workflows, set notifications and include personalised signatures in emails, amongst other things.

But what if your database has a ton of contacts without the Owner set. Here’s a few quick ways to get them updated.

From the Marketing side, make a smart list of all the contacts who don’t have an Owner set:

HubSpot Smart list

Then, you can do any of the following:

  1. Individually edit each contact
  2. Enrol contacts into a workflow to set their Owner:
  3. Rotate owners in a Workflow when the contact is created:

From the Sales (CRM) side, create a filter of contacts who are missing the Owner:

HubSpot view
And then you can either:

  1. Individually edit each contact
  2. Bulk edit:

You can also:

  1. Set HubSpot Owner when importing:
  2. Sync with Salesforce to set the owner (if you use Salesforce)

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