Podcast thinking


Seth encourages you to start a podcast. Now is the time.

Of his reasons, the third is the compelling one for me:

A podcast helps you think more clearly. When you know you need to talk about something you care about, you’ll work to make your thinking more accessible and cogent–and because it’s spoken, not written, you may very well get past that block we were taught in third grade.

When Ian and I started our HubSpot podcast almost 4 years ago, it was for mixed reasons – but predominantly it was about being able to share our thoughts on HubSpot.

We quickly found however that the key benefits were:

  • we got to hang out regularly and chat about agency life (don’t underestimate the value that just chatting through work issues each week can provide)
  • it forced us to investigate/play/test with new HubSpot features so we understood them well enough to be able to explain on the show

It’s this second item that has helped each of us grow our expertise in HubSpot and the results for our clients. Left on our own, neither of us would likely have the discipline to set aside time each and every week to dive in this deeply.

Perhaps this forced discipline could help you too?

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By Craig Bailey