Hi, I’m Craig Bailey and this is my personal blog where I write about technology, web strategy, and general musings. You can read my posts here. (If you are looking for the Content is King post by Bill Gates it is here)

I run two digital agencies in Sydney:

The first is XEN Systems. We help government departments and mid-large B2B technology companies with their online strategy, including content marketing, SEO, SEM and Social. You can find out more about what we do here.

The second is XEN Solar, where we help high quality solar companies (dealers, installers) with their digital marketing.

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VFP9 Environment Manager


I’ve been having a problem with the Environment Manager on the Task Pane crashing in VFP9 (VFP8 is fine).
However, I kept clicking through all the errors until the form showed and I created a dummy environment. Exited and came back in and all is fine now.
Seems as though it just needed to get the first environment setup.

VFP9 Anchor Editor


I recommend downloading the VFP9 refresh, it has a few updates to apps. You can get it from here. In particular the anchor editor builder is a welcome addition. Once you’ve downloaded and installed, run up VFP9 and then DO the following: DO HOME() + ‘wizards\anchoreditor.app’ Now go into a form or container and the builder is available to help you set the anchor property on...

Too much confrontation


Ooopsie, I think I offended a few people last night. If you know me, you know I like to think things through so that I am satisfied with my position on a topic. To feel comfortable about a position I’ll often argue the opposite with someone so that they can basically convince me of the position I actually hold. So last night we are at dinner with friends and ofcourse everyone is talking...

VFP and .Net considerations


As you know, we come from a Visual FoxPro development background. And certainly on the desktop side of things we see little reason to change. When it comes to the web, ASP.Net is our choice. I’m not saying it is the best – we just haven’t had time or inclination to compare and contrast all the alternatives – but it serves us well, and so far it seems to be improving in...

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I'm the co-host of HubShots and the CEO of XEN - helping mid-large B2B companies with their digital marketing and lead generation.

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